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CONTENTS FOREWORD 9 INTRODUCTION 19 . ..21 Origin of New Concepts of Communicable Disease, 23; Some Current Developments and Future Prospects, 30: Cancer, 31; Cardiovascular diseases, 33; Neuropathology, 34; Congenital malformations, 36; Pollution and population , 37; Mental health, 38 2 ANIMAL MODELS OF HUMAN DISEASES 41 Cancer, 44; Immunopathology, 49; Environmental Pollution , 52; Congenital Malformations, 56; Reproduction and Population Control, 59; Conclusion, 63 3 COMPARATIVE STUDY OF INFLUENZA 64 Epidemiological Behavior, 65; The Influenza Virus, 68; Influenza in Horses, 72; Influenza in Other Animals, 76; Relationship of Human and Animal Strains, 77; The Origin of Pandemics, 80 ABOUT THE AUTHOR 89 REFERENCES 93 INDEX 99 1 THE LOGIC OF THE COMPARATIVE METHOD. . . .21 This page intentionally left blank The Wesley W. Spink Lectures on Comparative Medicine, established in honor of Dr. Spink's wide range of accomplishments, are presented by international authorities in comparative medicine and biology. Sponsorship of the lectures jointly by Carleton College and the University of Minnesota reflects the concern of both institutions for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. The lectures, and the publication of the volumes based on them, have been assisted by grants from the Bush Foundation and Eli Lilly and Company. This page intentionally left blank ...


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