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99 Acknowledgments My appreciation to the editors of the following journals, anthologies, and texts in which versions or sections of these essays first appeared: Advance for Nurse Practitioners: “Twenty-four Hours in the Life of a Nurse Practitioner” (as “Memories I Carry with Me: Twenty-four Hours in the Life of a Nurse Practitioner”) American Journal of Nursing: “The Heart’s Truth” (as “The Pain: Susan’s Guilt”), “First, Do No Harm” (as “Milagros”) Lumina: “Washing Mrs. Cardiff s Feet” “Breaking Bad News,” “Raped” (as “About a Girl”), “Feeding the Deer,” “Conscious Suffering” (as “A Nurse Experiences Suffering”), “First Night in Charge” Nursing Education Perspectives: “The Other Side of Illness,” “The Evening Back Rub,” “Weekly Rounds” Rattle: “Nursing and the Word” RN Magazine: “Beyond Scientific Explanation” (as “Strange Happenings”), “When Their Rhythms Become Mine” (as “Tough Girl, Tough Patient”) Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write Their Bodies (Kent State University Press): “Becoming Flora” (as “Becoming Flora: When the Illness Narrative is Our Own”) Davis text.indb 99 11/12/08 10:00:41 AM 100 acknowledgments The Teacher’s Body: Embodiment, Authority and Identify in the Academy (State University of New York Press): “Body Teaching” “Hearing the Stories behind our Patients’ Words” was first presented as a talk for the Humanities Hour at the University of Maryland at Baltimore “Being at the Bedside of the Dying” and sections of the Afterword were adopted from commentaries that first appeared inThe Poetry of Nursing: Poems and Commentaries of Leading Nurse-Poets (Kent State University Press) “The Other Side of Illness” also appeared in Intensive Care: More Poetry and Prose by Nurses (University of Iowa Press) “I Believe in Grief” first appeared as a commentary on National Public Radio’s I Believe series Davis text.indb 100 11/12/08 10:00:41 AM ...


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