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Contents • Preface ix The Other Side of Illness 1 Washing Mrs. Cardiff’s Feet 4 The Evening Back Rub 9 Being at the Bedside of the Dying 11 First Night in Charge 15 Talking to No One 20 Nursing and the Word 25 Beyond Scientific Explanation 31 Weekly Rounds 34 Twenty-four Hours in the Life of a Nurse Practitioner 37 First, Do No Harm 46 Hearing the Stories behind Our Patients’ Words 49 Body Teaching 54 Tattoos 59 Breaking Bad News 63 Becoming Flora 69 Raped 74 The Heart’s Truth 76 Watching ER 78 Feeding the Deer 81 When Their Rhythms Become Mine 83 I Believe in Grief 86 Human Feelings, Human Experiences 88 Conscious Suffering 92 Afterword 97 Acknowledgments 99 Davis text.indb 9 11/12/08 10:00:25 AM Davis text.indb 10 11/12/08 10:00:25 AM ...


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