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[Acknowledgments] Our acknowledgments complement those in Michael Williams’s introduction . Among Sauer’s many students and disciples, Diana Liverman and Paul Starrshavebeenparticularlyhelpfulandsupportive.Dianadiscussedaspects of the manuscript with Michael when he was writing it. Paul provided penetrating insights on the continuing Sauerian tradition. Ellen FitzSimmons Porzig provided a large file of Sauer family photographs. John Gillis’s reading of Williams’s text from an environmental historian’s purview has been immensely beneficial throughout the whole editorial process. Staff members at the University of Virginia Press have been uniformly zealous, efficient, prompt, and kindly in shepherding through a book sorely lamed by the death of its author. Press director Penny Kaiserlian was a guardian angel in achieving the publication of the book. The original manuscript , while essentially completed, was more than 650 pages. Through the kind offices especially of Roger Kain, a British Academy grant made possible Kenneth Marotta’s astute and empathetic trimming. Mary Alice Lowenthal prepared the manuscript for further work, flagged queries, and assisted with checking the copyediting. With funding from the University of Virginia Press, typist Sharon Ruch in Madison, Wisconsin, assisted with preparation of drafts of the revised manuscript, a considerable task for which we are especially grateful. David Lowenthal negotiated the University of Virginia publication. He and William Denevan edited the main text, made structural revisions, further condensations, additions where required, and revised and updated the text and endnotes for clarity and accuracy. Denevan compiled the bibliography . We have striven as far as possible to hew to Michael’s voice. For the sake of readability, the many quotations from Sauer’s boyhood diary and xiv Acknowledgments his unpublished correspondence have been edited and are given without ellipses. A copy of Michael’s unedited, original manuscript has been placed in the Sauer Papers, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. Most of all, we are indebted to Eleanore Williams for far beyond spousal encouragement. She played a vital role in locating and utilizing source materials, translating correspondence from German, and, with Michael, contacting and interviewing scores of Sauer’s friends, family, students, and disciples. She has supported our editorial work, helping ensure that this book achieved the appropriate treatment it richly deserved. David Lowenthal and William M. Denevan ...


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