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CONTENTS Part I. The Effect of Attending Child Study Groups upon Parental Attitudes toward Children's Behavior STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM AND REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE 3 Attempts to Evaluate Similar Programs—Use of the Attitude Technique—Recent Advancesin Measuring Attitudes THE TEST AND THE SUBJECTS 17 Construction of Forms—Sample of Form Filled Out by Parents—Characteristics of Study Group Members—Summary ATTITUDES TOWARD TRAITS BEFORE AND AFTER INSTRUCTION 33 Comparison of Various Groups—Traits Considered Most and LeastSerious—Summary ATTITUDES TOWARD DELINQUENT, NEUROTIC, AND PERSONAL-SOCIAL TRAITS S3 Findings of Other Investigators—Attitudes toward Three Types of Traits—Summary THE EFFECT OF INSTRUCTION UPON ATTITUDES.... 70 Correlation Method Used with Paired Groups—Delinquent Traits—Neurotic Traits—Personal-Social Traits GENERAL SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 84 Characteristics of Mothers—Characteristics of Opinions —Attitudes toward Various Traits BIBLIOGRAPHY 87 ix Part II. The Organization and Development of a Parent Education Program PARENT EDUCATION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA FROM 1925 TO 1932 93 Organization of Program—Activities in Various Fields ORGANIZATION AND RECORDS OF STUDY GROUPS... 100 Procedure of Organizing a Group—Sample of Form Filled Out by Group Chairmen—Leaders and Subject Matter— Sample of Registration Blank for Group Members— Sample of Report Filled Out by Chairmen after Each Meeting ENROLLMENT, BACKGROUND, AND ATTENDANCE .. 107 Selection of Groups for Intensive Study—Analysis of Groups SPONSORSHIP OF GROUPS AND AGE PERIODS STUDIED 116 Organizations Sponsoring Groups—Sponsorship and Other Factors FREQUENCY, TIME, AND LENGTH OF MEETINGS.... 123 Places and Conditions—Frequency of Meetings—Length of Series—Time of Day—Season of Year—Length of Meetings ACCEPTABILITY OF LEADERS AND AMOUNT OF DISCUSSION 132 Characteristics of Leaders—Attendance and Discussion LOCAL LEADER PROJECTS FOR RURAL GROUPS 139 Local and Leader Groups—Reading Courses SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 144 Survey of the Program—Recommendations for Future Programs—Conclusions INDEX 149 x ...


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