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>> ix Acknowledgments First of all, I thank Steve Seidman for being a great intellectual role model. I am grateful for finding such an amazing teacher whom I also call my friend. I thank my mother, Rita Ramirez, for listening to my ideas and for her intellect and belief in me, my father, John, for his passion , directness, and ability as a coach to be heard across a court to play defense, and my brother, Gene, for our shared friendship and mutual admiration. I am lucky to say that I’m blessed by the richness of my friendships, and for that I have many people to acknowledge. For their friendship, aid in my growth, or advice regarding this study, I thank the following : Dalia Abdel-Hady, the late Chet Meeks, Jennifer Gunsaullus, Amy Lutz, Marcia Hernandez, Mounah Abdel Samad, Shawn Flanigan, Kristin Stainbrook, C. J. Pascoe, Tariq Islam, Sarah Sobieraj, Heather Laube, Evan Cooper, Harry Pearce, Deirdre Oakley, Elena Vesselinov, Gayle Sulik, Jannette Swanson, Edelmira Reynoso, Karen Tejada, and Juan Esteva. Other friends who maintained my spirits include Lance Elhers, Craig Persiko, Bob Barkowski, Regina Keenan, Huey Merchant, Ynolde Smith, Paul Ciavardoni, Andy Ruby, Kevin Dowd, Belinda DeLeon, Sandra Lutz, Thao Tran, Kimberly Schaffer, and Mark Thompson. My gratitude also goes to Kathy Vila for returning to me things that I had lost and for her wisdom over the years. I need to express my appreciation to other scholars who guided me at the start. I thank Glenna Spitze for reading multiple drafts of my work over the years. Her insight, kindness, and intellectual support have been part of my good fortune, first in having her on my committee, and then in continuing our relationship into my professional life. Chris Bose’s support , close reading of my work, and consideration were greatly appreciated . And I thank Ron Jacobs for his empathetic advice and support, and for being a true believer and model of a dynamic sociology. x > xi Colleagues who provided an encouraging environment for my work at Sonoma State University include Kathy Charmaz and the Faculty Writing Group she leads at SSU, Melinda Milligan, Robert McNamara, Peter Phillips, Sheila Katz, Cindy Stearns, Myrna Goodman, Heather Smith, Richard Senghas, Matthew Paloucci Callahan, Laura Nauman, Diana Grant, Jean Wasp, and Elaine Wellin. I single out Dean Elaine Leeder for her annual summer grant and the Brown Bag Lunch Series in the School of Social Sciences, both of which nourished my work over the years. And I am pleased to acknowledge Paula Hammett and her bibliographic assistance. I owe a debt of gratitude to my past employers at Policy Research Associates, especially Pam Robbins, and the staff at Outreach and Education in the Department of Health, especially Faith Schottenfeld, the late Charlene Spaminato, and Shannon Ryan. In addition, I thank Vanessa Franklin for her assistance. Shannon Wiseman, Tate Brown, and Nick Ramirez provided excellent research assistance. I warmly thank Nicole Bettencourt for preparing a draft of the bibliography and a draft of the index. And I appreciate Cary Escovedo’s hard work in completing the index and checking the bibliographic references. Thanks, Cary. Portions of chapters 1 and 3 appeared in a journal article published in the Sociological Quarterly 54 (Fall 2013). I am grateful to the publishers and editors of the journal for their permission to draw on this previously published material. Lastly, I am grateful to the men and women who shared their experiences and stories with me during the interview process. Final responsibility for this work is my own. This page intentionally left blank ...


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