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—-1 —0 —+1 The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot Errata Volume 2 p. 387: n. 4 – Existing note changed to end with colon instead of period, followed by: “Homage to / George Saintsbury / from his Sincere admirer / T. S. Eliot / 13.xi.24” p. 443: last line of text, following “encouragement.” – A superscript note number 12 has been added. p. 444: following the last printed line of notes – A note 12 has been added, which reads: TSE echoes Kant’s claim in the Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics (1783) that David Hume awakened him from his “dogmatic slumber .” Kant’s Prolegomena, trans. Paul Carus (London: Kegan Paul, 1902), 7. p. 754: n. 1, line 4 – “The Relativity of Moral Judgment” changed to read “The Relativity of the Moral Judgment” p. 760: following “4. His Longer Poems” – On a new line has been added: “5. The Religion of XVII Century,” to read: 5. The Religion of XVII Century (Donne’s Relation to Elizabethan Drama?) Chapman. Compare with 349-56890_140_eliot_errata_7P.indd 897 349-56890_140_eliot_errata_7P.indd 897 12/3/14 4:56 PM 12/3/14 4:56 PM ...


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