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592 ] Autobiographical Note1 Harvard College Class of 1910, Quindecennial Report Norwood, MA: Plimpton Press, June 1925. 37 Records of the Class THOMAS STEARNS ELIOT: banker; married Vivien Haigh HaighWood , London, 1915; publications: Prufrock, 1917; The Sacred Wood, 1920; Ara Vos Prec, 1920; The Waste Land, 1922; John Dryden, 1925; Literature and Export Trade, 1925;2 contributions to the Times, the Criterion, the Nouvelle Revue Française, the Nation, the Dial, Vanity Fair, Lloyds Bank Economic Review; addresses: (home) 9 Clarence Gate Gardens, London, N.W.1;(business)LloydsBankLtd.20,KingWilliamSt.,E.C.4,London, England. Notes 1. For TSE’s previous autobiographical notes, see the third and fourth reports of the class of 1910 (1.510; 2.300). 2. Regarding this title, TSE wrote to Donald Gallup on 18 Nov 1936: “I cannot recall how Literature and Export Trade got into the Class List. It must have been either a small leg-pull of my own, or a confusion on the part of somebody else. There is no such work in existence. I was certainly concerned at one time with export trade, and at the time mentioned, 1924-25, I was writingmonthlyarticlesonforeigncurrencymovementsfortheLloydsBankmonthlymagazine [i.e., Lloyds Bank Economic Review]. I am afraid I have no copies of the magazine with my contributions, which were, like other contributions to that paper, unsigned” (Gallup, 362-63). ...