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[ lix ILLUSTRATIONS Illustrations following page 389. 1. George Wyndham 2. George Saintsbury 3. J. M. Robertson 4. T. S. Eliot’s completed application for membership to the London Library 5. Bruce Richmond, editor of The Times Literary Supplement 6. T. S. Eliot’s signed ticket to The Witch of Edmonton, revived by the Phoenix Society on 24 and 26 April 1921 7. Charles Whibley 8. William Archer 9. Sybil Thorndike as the lead in the 1920 production of Gilbert Murray’s translation of Euripides’ Medea at the Holborn Empire (Illustrated London News, 13 March 1920, front page) 10. Gilbert Murray 11. John Middleton Murry 12. Scofield Thayer, editor of The Dial 13. The Guitrys: Lucien and Sacha Guitry, with Yvonne Printemps (Illustrated London News, 15 April 1922, 548) 14. Julien Benda 15. Table of Contents, The Sacred Wood: Essays on Poetry and Criticism (1920: 2nd ed., 1928) 16. Cover of Wyndham Lewis’s review, The Tyro: A Review of the Arts of Painting, Sculpture, and Design, 1 (1922) 17. Richard Aldington ILLUSTRATIONS lx ] Illustrations following page 566. 18. Facsimile, first page of revised typescript of “London Letter: May, 1921,” Dial 70 (June 1921) 19. Lydia Lopokova 20. Igor Stravinsky (Illustrated London News, 25 June 1921, 870) 21. The Rus­sian Ballet, Lydia Sokolova in the 1921 revival of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps at the Prince’s Theatre (Illustrated London News, 2 July 1921, 7). 22. Mistinguett (Jeanne-­Marie Bourgeois) 23. Facsimile, first page of unrevised holograph of “London Letter: June, 1922,” Dial 73 (July 1922) 24. Facsimile, “Bel Esprit” subscription form 25. Cover page, The Criterion: A Quarterly Review, 1 (October 1922) 26. Marie Lloyd 27. Sarah Bernhardt 28. Léonide Massine, as the Chinese Conjurer in Jean Cocteau’s Parade (London, 1919) 29. Wyndham Lewis 30. Table of Contents, Homage to John Dryden: Three Essays on Poetry of the Seventeenth Century (1924) 31. Cover design by Vanessa Bell, Homage to John Dryden: Three Essays on Poetry of the Seventeenth Century (1924), number three in the Hogarth Essays series 32. Jacques Rivière, editor of the NRF 33. Theresa Garrett Eliot’s pencil drawing of T. S. Eliot delivering his final Clark lecture in the Hall of Trinity College, Cambridge, 9 March 1926 34. The Church of St. Magnus the Martyr, London, before and during the construction of Adelaide ­House (The Times, 19 March 1924, 18) The COMPLETE PROSE of T.S.Eliot This page intentionally left blank ...


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