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CONTENTS The Perfect Critic, 1919-1926: Introduction  xiii Editorial Procedures and Principles  xliii Acknowledgments li List of Abbreviations  lv List of Illustrations  lix 1919 Marivaux 1 The New Elizabethans and the Old. A review of The New Elizabethans: A First Selection of the Lives of Young Men Who Have Fallen in the Great War, by E. B. Osborn  10 The Post-Georgians. A review of Wheels: A Third Cycle, ed. Edith Sitwell 16 American Literature. A review of A History of American Literature, vol. II, ed. William P. Trent et al.  21 A Romantic Aristocrat  26 Kipling Redivivus. A review of The Years Between, by Rudyard Kipling 33 Kipling Redivivus. To the Editor of The Athenaeum  40 A Sceptical Patrician. A review of The Education of Henry Adams: An Autobiography   41 Beyle and Balzac. A review of A History of the French Novel, to the Close of the Nineteenth Century, vol. II, by George Saintsbury 48 Criticism in England. A review of Old and New Masters, by Robert Lynd 54 The Education of Taste. A review of English Literature during the Last Half-Century, by J. W. Cunliffe  60 Reflections on Contemporary Poetry [IV]. A review of Naked Warriors, by Herbert Read; The Charnel Rose, Senlin: A Biography, and Other Poems, by Conrad Aiken; and vingt-cinq poèmes, by Tristan Tzara  66 [ v CONTENTS vi ] A Foreign Mind. A review of The Cutting of an Agate, by W. B. Yeats 72 The Romantic Generation, If It Existed. A review of Currents and Eddies in the English Romantic Generation, by Frederick E. Pierce 77 “Rhetoric” and Poetic Drama  83 Was There a Scottish Literature? A review of Scottish Literature: Character and Influence, by G. Gregory Smith  92 Christopher Marlowe  97 Tradition and the Individual Talent  105 Swinburne as Critic  115 Hamlet 122 Murmuring of Innumerable Bees. An unsigned review of Coterie: An Illustrated Quarterly, 2 129 Humanist, Artist, and Scientist. A review of La Pensée italienne au XVIe siècle et le courant libertin and L’Éthique de Giordano Bruno et le deuxième dialogue du Spaccio, by J.-Roger Charbonnel 132 War-paint and Feathers. A review of The Path on the Rainbow: An Anthology of Songs and Chants from the Indians of North America, ed. George W. Cronyn  137 The Method of Mr. Pound. A review of Quia Pauper Amavi, by Ezra Pound 141 Our Inaccessible Heritage. To the Editor of The Athenaeum   147 Mr. Pound and His Poetry. To the Editor of The Athenaeum   149 Ben Jonson  150 The Preacher as Artist. A review of Donne’s Sermons: Selected Passages, ed. Logan Pearsall Smith  165 The Duchess of Malfi at the Lyric: and Poetic Drama  170 The Local Flavour  176 1920 Swinburne as Poet  181 William Blake  187 The Phoenix Society. To the Editor of The Athenaeum   193 Euripides and Professor Murray  195 A Brief Treatise on the Criticism of Poetry  202 Modern Tendencies in Poetry  212 [ vii CONTENTS Dante 226 The Criticism of Poetry. To the Editor of the TLS   238 The Poetic Drama. A review of Cinnamon and Angelica: A Play, by John Middleton Murry  240 Philip Massinger  244 Artists and Men of Genius. To the Editor of The Athenaeum   260 The Perfect Critic  262 The Perfect Critic. To the Editor of The Athenaeum   273 A French Romantic. To the Editor of the TLS   275 The Possibility of a Poetic Drama  278 A Note on the American Critic   286 The French Intelligence  291 Introduction. The Sacred Wood: Essays on Poetry and Criticism   294 1921 Autobiographical Note. Harvard College Class of 1910, Secretary’s Fourth Report   300 The Romantic Englishman, the Comic Spirit, and the Function of Criticism 302 The Lesson of Baudelaire  306 Andrew Marvell  309 Prose and Verse  324 London Letter: March, 1921  333 London Letter: May, 1921  341 John Dryden  350 London Letter: July, 1921  362 London Letter: September, 1921  369 The Metaphysical Poets  375 The Metaphysical Poets. To the Editor of the TLS   386 Poets and Anthologies. To the Editor of the TLS   388 1922 The Three Provincialities  390 London Letter: April, 1922  394 Lettre d’Angleterre (May 1922)  399 London Letter: June, 1922  406 London Letter: August, 1922  411 CONTENTS viii ] To the Editor of The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury   416 Marie Lloyd  418 Lettre d’Angleterre: Le style dans la prose anglaise contemporaine (Dec 1922)  424 1923 To the Editor of The Daily Mail   430 To the Literary Editor of The Chicago Daily News   432 Dramatis Personae  433...