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There are many people to acknowledge with heartfelt thanks. I wish to thank University of Oregon professors Carl Bybee, Julia Lesage, and Howard Brick for committing themselves to this project when it was a dissertation. Timely suggestions and gentle prods from all of them paved the way for its completion. My adviser and friend, Professor Janet Wasko, provided encouragement and expertise when most needed, working with me during her sabbatical. To begin research and writing on a topic such as this, I was indeed fortunate to have mentors who are no strangers to creative dissent and robust public debate. Many former and present Pacifica broadcasters were unstinting in sharing with me their sense of the network and its history. Larry Josephson in particular was extremely kind. He made his extensive tape and documentary archive on Pacifica available to me, along with unlimited use of his Xerox machine. Special thanks are due to those in the Los Angeles tape archives who helped me get started with the research, sifting through the earthquake rubble in 1992 in order to find recordings of some vital programs buried under several feet of reels. Ed Morales and Adam Diamond provided important research assistance. Cheyney Ryan, Dan Pope, Irene Diamond, and George Gessert read different chapters at various stages of completion, offering critical assistance along the way. Heartfelt appreciation to all of them. Maya Chiah Sarah Diamond Land was born three weeks after I entered graduate school. This book and she have developed in tandem. Her curiosity made the completion of this project possible, keeping me sane through her daily reminders that there are more important things in life than the academy or the media. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS XIII This page intentionally left blank ...


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