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[ 775 —-1 —0 —+1 Philosophy A1 Syllabus for an Introductory Course from the Pre-Socratics to the Renaissance CONFERENCES AND READING The reading of the starred references is required; the others are optional. September 26. INTRODUCTION. *Perry: General Introduction to Philosophy (Lectures on Dr. Eliot’s Five-Foot Shelf of Books).2 *Weber: History of Philosophy, §§ 1, 2.3 James: Some Problems of Philosophy, Ch. I. Perry: The Approach to Philosophy, Ch. I. Russell: The Problems of Philosophy, Ch. XV.4 October 3. RISE OF PHILOSOPHY IN GREECE. *Weber: §§ 4, 5, 6. *Benn: Early Greek Philosophy (Philosophies Ancient and Modern), Ch. I.5 *Bakewell: Source Book in Ancient Philosophy, pp. 1-7.6 Marshall: A Short History of Greek Philosophy, Ch. I, II. October 10. THE DEVELOPMENT OF PRE-SOCRATIC THOUGHT. *Weber: §§ 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. *Benn: Ch. II. Bakewell: pp. 8-56. Marshall: Ch. III-V. October 17. THE ATOMISTS. THE SOPHISTS. *Weber: §§ 12, 13. *Benn: Ch. III, IV. *Bakewell: pp. 67-85. Bakewell: pp. 57-66. Marshall: Ch. VI-X. Clodd: Lucretius and the Atomists (Philosophies Ancient and Modern). 349-55845_138_eliot_e001aa_9P.indd 775 349-55845_138_eliot_e001aa_9P.indd 775 12/3/14 5:19 PM 12/3/14 5:19 PM Appendix 776 ] -1— 0— +1— October 24. SOCRATES. THE SOCRATIC SCHOOLS. *Weber: §§ 14, 15. *Benn: Ch. V. *Bakewell: pp. 104-141. Bakewell: pp. 86-103. Marshall: Ch. XI-XIII.7 October 31. PLATO’S THEORY OF THE IDEAS. *Weber: § 16 (1), (2). *Bakewell: pp. 192-216; 160-168. Bakewell: pp. 168-179. Plato: Protagoras; Phaedo (Everyman’s Library).8 Taylor: Plato (Philosophies Ancient and Modern), Ch. II. November 7. PLATO’S MORAL AND SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY. *Weber: § 16 (3). *Bakewell: pp. 182-192; 152-157. *Plato: Republic, Bk. I (Everyman’s Library). Plato: Republic, Bks. II-X. Taylor: Plato, Ch. III. November 14. ARISTOTLE’S METAPHYSICS. *Weber: § 17 (1). *Bakewell: pp. 217-239. Taylor: Aristotle (The People’s Books), Ch. I-III.9 Aristotle: Metaphysics (trans. by Ross).10 November 21. ARISTOTLE’S PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE AND MAN. *Weber: § 17 (2). *Bakewell: pp. 240-247; 251-268. Taylor: Aristotle, Ch. IV, V. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (Everyman’s Library). Aristotle: Politics [A Treatise on Government] (Everyman’s Library). November 28. THE EPICUREANS. *Weber: § 18. *Bakewell: pp. 290-316. Taylor: Epicurus (Philosophies Ancient and Modern). 349-55845_138_eliot_e001aa_9P.indd 776 349-55845_138_eliot_e001aa_9P.indd 776 12/3/14 5:19 PM 12/3/14 5:19 PM [ 777 philosophy a —-1 —0 —+1 Lucretius: De Rerum Natura (New Universal Library). Santayana: Three Philosophical Poets, Ch. II.11 Clodd: Lucretius and the Atomists. December 5. THE STOICS. *Weber: § 19. *Bakewell: pp. 269-289; 317-339. Stock: Stoicism (Philosophies Ancient and Modern). Marcus Aurelius: Meditations (Everyman’s Library). Epictetus: Moral Discourses (Everyman’s Library). December 12. ECLECTICISM. SCEPTICISM. NEO-PLATONISM. *Weber: §§ 24, 25, 26. *Bakewell: pp. 340-374; 384-393. Fuller: The Problem of Evil in Plotinus.12 Seneca: On Benefits (Temple Classics). Plutarch: Moralia (Everyman’s Library). December 19. CHRISTIANITY. THE PATRISTIC PERIOD. *Weber: §§ 27, 28. *St. Augustine: Confessions, Bks. I, VII (Everyman’s Library). St. Augustine: Confessions, Bks. II-VI, VIII-X. St. Augustine: The City of God (Temple Classics), Bks. VII-XII, XVI, XVIII. January 9. THE RISE OF SCHOLASTICISM. *Weber: §§ 29-36. *Rickaby: Scholasticism (Philosophies Ancient and Modern), Ch. I, II, §§ 1, 2.13 St. Anselm: Proslogium, etc. (trans. by Deane) (Open Court Pub. Co.) January 16. THE CULMINATION OF SCHOLASTICISM. *Weber: §§ 37-40. *Rickaby: Ch. II, §§ 3, 4; III, VII. Thomas Aquinas: Of God and His Creatures (trans. by Rickaby). Dante: Divine Comedy (Everyman’s Library or Temple Classics).14 St. Francis of Assisi: Little Flowers, etc. (Everyman’s Library or Temple Classics).15 Bonaventura: Life of St. Francis (Temple Classics). 349-55845_138_eliot_e001aa_10P.indd 777 349-55845_138_eliot_e001aa_10P.indd 777 12/8/14 2:41 PM 12/8/14 2:41 PM appendix 778 ] -1— 0— +1— January 23. THE DECLINE OF SCHOLASTICISM. *Weber: §§ 41-48. *Rickaby: Ch. IV, V. Böhme: The Signature of All Things (Everyman’s Library). Pater: [Studies in the History of ] The Renaissance.16 Oldham: The Renaissance (Temple Cyclopaedic Primers). Montaigne: Essays (Everyman’s Library or Temple Classics). general references Ueberweg [Friedrich]: History of Philosophy. [1876] Windelband [Wilhelm]: History of Philosophy. [2 vols, 1893] Windelband [Wilhelm]: History of Ancient Philosophy [1899]17 Gomperz [Theodor]: Greek Thinkers. [4 vols, 1912]18 Rogers [Arthur Kenyon]: Student’s History of Philosophy. [1901] Cushman [Herbert Ernest]: [A Beginner’s] History of Ancient Philosophy. [1911] Dickinson, L. [G. Lowes]: Study of...