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510 ] Autobiographical Note Harvard College Class of 1910, Third Report Cambridge, MA: Crimson Printing Co., Mar 1917. 108-09.1 Thomas Stearns Eliot During1910-1911IwasstudyinginParis.Intheautumnof1911Ireturned to Harvard, and spent the next three years in the Graduate School in the department of philosophy. During 1913-1914 I was an assistant in the department . In 1914 I secured an appointment as Sheldon travelling fellow. During the following summer I was in Germany, and the year of 1914-1915 I spent at Merton College, Oxford. Since then I have been teaching, first at High Wycombe, Bucks, and now at Highgate School, London. I have also been engagedinliterarywork.IhavebeenacontributortotheCatholicAnthology (Elkin Matthews, London, 1915); have written several reviews in the International Journal of Ethics; have been a contributor to Blast (London, 1915), to Others (New York), and to Poetry (Chicago).2 Member: The Aristotelian Society, London.3 Notes 1. Before the third report, no personal entries were made by class members. In the first report (Apr 1911), TSE is listed as having received his A.B. in June 1909, “as of 1910,” as an editor of the Harvard Advocate, and as a member of Digamma, Signet, and the Memorial Society; his home address is given “care of H. W. Eliot, 4446 Westminster Pl., St. Louis, MO; his occupation is not given. His present address is “care of Credit Lyonnais, 19 Bvd. des Italiens.” In the second report(Apr1914),TSE’sdegrees(A.B.,1909,A.M.,1911),homeandpresentaddress(Cambridge, MA) and occupation (“student, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; also assistant in Philosophy at Harvard University”) are all listed. 2. TSE had published eight reviews in the IJE and twelve poems in various venues. Eight appeared in three issues of Harriet Monroe’s Poetry, including “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (June 1915); two in the second number of Wyndham Lewis’s Blast–“Preludes” and “Rhapsody on a Windy Night” (July 1915); and one, “Portrait of a Lady,” in Alfred Kreymborg’s Others (Sept 1915). Four poems, selected from Poetry and Others, plus “Hysteria,” appeared in Ezra Pound’s Catholic Anthology (Nov 1915). 3. TSE drew on the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society in his dissertation and joined the society in 1915. On 3 Dec, Bertrand Russell wrote to TSE’s mother, “I am glad he is joining the Aristotelian Society” (L1 134), and on 7 Sept 1916 TSE wrote to Professor J. H. Woods that because of his wife’s health he was “able to attend but very few meetings, much less read the papers beforehand, but I hope to pay more attention to it this year” (L1 167). ...


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