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[ v CONTENTS General Editorial Introduction  xiii Apprentice Years, 1905-1918: Introduction  xxvii Acknowledgments lxiii List of Abbreviations  lxvii List of Illustrations  lxxi Part I: Juvenilia and Undergraduate Writing 1905: Smith Academy, St. Louis The Birds of Prey  3 A Tale of a Whale  4 The Man Who Was King  6 1909: Harvard University The Defects of Kipling  8 Some of Mr. Kipling’s Defects  15 A review of The Wine of the Puritans: A Study of Present-Day America, by Van Wyck Brooks  18 The Point of View  20 Gentlemen and Seamen  21 A review of Egoists, A Book of Supermen, by James Huneker  24 Part II: Graduate Essays and Ph.D. Thesis 1912-13: Harvard University Report on the Kantian Categories  29 Report on the Relation of Kant’s Criticism to Agnosticism  40 Report on the Ethics of Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason  49 [Degrees of Reality]  57 1913-14: Harvard University [Inconsistencies in Bergson’s Idealism]  67 [The Relationship between Politics and Metaphysics]  90 The Interpretation of Primitive Ritual  106 Communication and Inspection  120 CONTENTS vi ] Description and Explanation  122 Cause as ideal construction  126 Suggestions toward a Theory of Objects  130 [The Ethics of Satisfaction in Tucker’s The Light of Nature Pursued] 136 [Self-realisation and Pleasure in the Ethics of Green and Sidgwick] 147 1914-15: Merton College, Oxford University [Objects: Content, Objectivity, and Existence]  165 [Objects: Real, Unreal, Ideal, and Imaginary]  169 [Finite Centres and Points of View]  174 [The Privacy of Points of View]  178 [Definition and Judgment in Bradley and his Critics]  183 The validity of artificial distinctions  187 [Eἷδoς in the Early Socratic and Late Platonic Dialogues]  193 The Relativity of the Moral Judgment  197 [Thought and Reality in Aristotle’s Metaphysics] 216 [Matter and Form in Aristotle’s Metaphysics] 220 [Causality in Aristotle’s Metaphysics] 227 [Change in Aristotle’s De generatione et corruptione] 231 1915-16: Doctoral Dissertation Knowledge and Experience in the Philosophy of F. H. Bradley   238 Part III: Early Journalism: Reviews and Essays 1915 What India Is Thinking About To-day. An unsigned omnibus review of ten books on India  389 1916 A review of Theism and Humanism, by Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour  394 A review of The Philosophy of Nietzsche, by A. Wolf  401 Thomas Hardy. A review of Thomas Hardy: A Study of the Wessex Novels, by H. C. Duffin  404 An American Critic. An unsigned review of Aristocracy and Justice, by Paul Elmer More  406 An unsigned review of The French Renascence, by Charles Sarolea 409 [ vii CONTENTS Mr. Doughty’s Epic. An unsigned review of The Titans, by Charles M. Doughty 410 Mr. Leacock Serious. A review of Essays and Literary Studies, by Stephen Leacock  412 An unsigned review of Social Adaptation: A Study in the Development of the Doctrine of Adaptation as a Theory of Social Progress, by L. M. Bristol 415 An unsigned first review of Group Theories of Religion and the Individual, by Clement C. J. Webb  417 Durkheim. An unsigned first review of The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life: A Study in Religious Sociology, by Émile Durkheim 420 Bergson. A review of A Study in the Philosophy of Bergson, by G. W. Cunningham  425 A review of Conscience and Christ: Six Lectures on Christian Ethics, by Hastings Rashdall  428 Second review of Group Theories of Religion and the Individual, by Clement C. J. Webb  430 First review of Religion and Science: A Philosophical Essay, by John Theodore Merz  434 A review of The Ultimate Belief, by A. Clutton-Brock  436 A review of Philosophy & War, by Émile Boutroux. Trans. Fred Rothwell 438 The Development of Leibniz’s Monadism  440 Leibniz’s Monads and Bradley’s Finite Centres  462 Syllabus of a Course of Six Lectures on Modern French Literature 471 Syllabus for a Tutorial Class in Modern English Literature 478 Charles Péguy. An unsigned review of Avec Charles Péguy, de la Lorraine à la Marne, par Victor Boudon  483 Mr. Lee Masters. A review of Songs and Satires, by Edgar Lee Masters 488 Giordano Bruno. An unsigned review of Giordano Bruno: His Life, Thought, and Martyrdom, by William Boulting  490 Classics in English. A review of The Poets’ Translation Series I-VI 493 Autour d’une traduction d’Euripide. On a Translation of Euripides. An unpublished review of a translation by H. D. of Euripides’ Choruses from Iphigeneia in Aulis 497 CONTENTS viii ] An unsigned review of With Americans of Past and Present Days...