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APPENDIX: EARLY DODGE FAMILY HISTORY IN AMERICA William Dodge (ca. 1604–ca. 1690), a native of Somersetshire, in England’s West Country, came to America on the Fleet, landing in Salem, Massachusetts, some fifteen miles northeast of Boston, on 10 July 1629. The next four generations of this Dodge family line remained in the northeast coast of Massachusetts, living in Salem, Wenham, Beverly, and Ipswich. The bare-bones family genealogy runs as follows: William Dodge moved six miles northeast of Salem to Wenham, where his second child, Captain William Dodge (1640–1720), spent his entire life. Captain William Dodge’s seventh child, Robert Dodge (1686–1764), fathered ten children, the last of which was William Dodge (1732–1807), the fourth generation of this Dodge line inAmerica. William Dodge was born in Beverly, but died in Newbury, New Hampshire, northwest of Concord, New Hampshire, and about seventy miles northwest of Beverly. Ezekiel Dodge (1782–1869), the tenth of twelve children of William Dodge, was born in Beverly, married Anna Cleves, born in Hamilton, Massachusetts, and appears in Ipswich in the 1840 census.1 Sometime in the 1840s, Ezekiel Dodge, the fifth generation of Dodges in America and the grandfather of John and Horace Dodge, moved from Ipswich to Newbury. Ezekiel and Anna Cleves Dodge (1783–1866) had thirteen children. Daniel Rugg Dodge (1819–1897), the father of John and Horace, was the eleventh. All of the New England Dodges were farmers.2 Ezekiel Dodge (age 69) appears in the U.S. Census of 1850 living in Newbury and married to Anna Cleves Dodge (age 68). His son Daniel Rugg Dodge (age 30) and his wife Lorinda Dodge (age 35) lived under his roof. The U.S. Census of 1860 shows Ezekiel (age 79) in Niles, Michigan, with his wifeAnna (age 78). Living with Ezekiel was his son Daniel Rugg Dodge (age 40), the father of John and Horace Dodge, along with two of his minor children, Charles F. (age 5) and Laura Belle Dodge (age 3). Both children were born in New Hampshire, and Daniel was a widower . The date of Lorinda Dodge’s death is not known, but the fact that her family 209 090 apx (209-210) 11/11/10 4:17 PM Page 209 did not bury her in any of the Niles cemeteries (Daniel Rugg Dodge and his second wife are buried in Niles) suggests that she died in New Hampshire. Her death may havepromptedDanielDodgeandtherestofhisfamilytomovefromNewHampshire to Michigan.3 The precise timing of the arrival of the Dodge family in Niles is unknown, but by 1860 Daniel Dodge’s older brother, Edwin A. Dodge (age 52), an older sister, Harriet C. Dodge (age 47), and a (slightly) younger brother, Caleb Kimball Dodge (age 38), were also in Niles. Edwin apparently left New Hampshire much earlier because in 1860, he had a son, Albert C. (age 22), and a daughter, Mary E. Dodge (age 11), both born in New York State. Caleb, on the other hand, in 1860 had a daughter, Marinetta Dodge (age 5), born in New Hampshire, but his son, Frank L. (age 1), was born in Michigan. It is possible that Ezekiel and son Daniel moved to Niles to join Ezekiel’s other sons, who were already there. Both Edwin and Caleb Dodge listed their occupation as “machinist,” as did Edwin’s son Albert (age 22). Ezekiel Dodge died in Niles on 11 March 1869 (age 87), more than two years after his wife Anna Cleves Dodge died on 24 November 1866. The cause of death listed for Ezekiel was “old age.” His burial took place two days later in Silverbrook Cemetery in Niles. Ezekiel’s sons remained in Niles until the early 1880s. In the 1870 census, Edwin A. Dodge (age 62) listed his occupation as “carpenter.” He died on 15 December 1871 at age sixty-three, a victim of pneumonia. According to the census reports for 1870 and 1880, Caleb Kimball Dodge (1820–1882) remained in Niles, and in 1880 the census listed his occupation as “stand pipe and machinery.” Apparently his first wife (Emily) died sometime before December 1866, when Caleb (age 46) married Mary R. Grant (age 24) of Niles. The 1880 census no longer listed Mary Grant Dodge or any of her children, but Caleb’s sister , Harriet C. Dodge (age 67), was living with him. Caleb Kimball Dodge died in Niles on 4 July 1882 at age sixty-one, with “apoplexy” listed as the cause of death. Edwin Dodge and...


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