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CONTENTS List of Tables x Preface xi Introduction xiii Abbreviations xvi ONE Growing Up in Niles, Michigan, and the Long Road to the Dodge Brothers’ Machine Shop in Detroit 1 TWO Automotive Suppliers to Ransom Olds and Henry Ford, 1901–1914 29 THREE The First Dodge Brothers Automobile 61 FOUR A Successful Car and a Successful Company, 1915–1920 79 FIVE The Dodge Brothers in Perspective 115 SIX Dodge Brothers under Frederick J. Haynes, 1920–1925 153 SEVEN The Dillon, Read Years and the Merger with the Chrysler Corporation, 1925–1928 181 Retrospective: The Dodge Brothers—The Men, the Motor Cars, and the Legacy 205 Appendix: Early Dodge Family History in America 209 Notes 211 Index 243 ix 000 FM (i-xvi) 11/11/10 3:26 PM Page ix ...