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000 FM (i-xvi) 11/11/10 3:26 PM Page ii THE DODGE BROTHERS 000 FM (i-xvi) 11/11/10 3:26 PM Page i 000 FM (i-xvi) 11/11/10 3:26 PM Page ii Great Lakes Books A complete listing of the books in this series can be found online at Editors: Jeffrey Abt Wayne State University Sidney Bolkosky University of Michigan–Dearborn Sandra Sageser Clark Michigan Bureau of History John C. Dann University of Michigan De Witt Dykes Oakland University Joe Grimm Detroit Free Press David Halkola Hancock, Michigan Richard H. Harms Calvin College Laurie Harris Pleasant Ridge, Michigan Susan Higman Detroit Institute of Arts Norman McRae Detroit, Michigan William H. Mulligan, Jr. Murray State University Erik C. Nordberg Michigan Technological University Gordon L. Olson Grand Rapids, Michigan Michael D. Stafford Milwaukee Public Museum John Van Hecke Wayne State University Arthur M. Woodford St. Clair Shores Public Library Advisory Editors: Philip P. Mason Wayne State University Dr. Charles K. Hyde Wayne State University 000 FM (i-xvi) 11/11/10 3:26 PM Page iii THE DODGE 000 FM (i-xvi) 11/11/10 3:26 PM Page iv ...