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76 Re-Focus “We rarely look in one another’s eyes much anymore.” “It’s not as if we never did,” he answered and grinned. “But now I want each time we look to be like the first time.” “Or last,” he countered, and her smile faded. She looked at him as if she thought his words a mockery and asked, “Why did you say that?” “It just came out—I’m sorry.” He concentrated on the baked potato on his plate while she arranged and rearranged the napkin on her lap. “I didn’t mean to spoil the moment, but I guess I did,” he said and tried to touch her hand. She spoke as if to some third party in the room, “I think that couples really stop seeing one another once they stop looking in each other’s eyes.” “Is that an old saying you just made up?” “It’s true, regardless.” “Why?” 77 “Because the eyes can’t lie, and lovers need that kind of reassurance all the time, or else they can’t go on.” “Including us?” “Of course.” “That’s what I was trying to say when I said what I said.” “Say it again.” He pushed his plate aside so that nothing was between them as he said, “If every time should be the first, then any time could be the last, and that says everything.” “Is that your way of saying every time’s the first and last—and only.” “Right.” “I never thought of it that way.” “What other way is there to think of it?” After she turned and put her hand in his, they looked in one another’s eyes so long it hurt. ...


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