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59 Fault Lines “Why does sex draw people together when they’re young,” she mused, “but keeps them apart when they’re older?” “Be more specific.” “When we were thirty, we made love whenever we chose, but now we make love when we can.” “Blame it on age, I guess.” He loosened his cummerbund and snapped off his bow tie. She shucked her heels and sagged on the sofa. “The urge is there,” she sighed, “but nothing else is, and that’s not fair.” “No argument there,” he nodded, dropped his tuxedo jacket on a chair and yawned. “Is that your answer?” “What prompted all this talk of lovemaking, especially now?” “You.” “Me?” “Each time you danced with me tonight, you kept gawking at the younger women on the floor.” “Not gawking, just looking . . .” “See, you admit it.” 60 “If beautiful women impress me as beautiful, is that a fault or just an occupational hazard?” “You don’t look at me like that anymore.” He walked to her and kissed her on the forehead. “You’re still my first wife,” he said, “for all these years.” “Years have nothing to do with it,” she answered and frowned, “I want that old reckless passion we used to have.” He kissed her again. “I think that nurse was right the day I had my physical.” “The one who ordered me to leave the room before you said I was your husband?” “She said ‘you might as well stay— you’ve seen it all anyway.’” “Nothing like frankness.” She stood and faced him, “That’s the problem, that’s what kills everything!” “What’s that?” “Familiarity, familiarity, familiarity!” “It hasn’t bred contempt, if that’s what you mean.” “It’s bred indifference, and that’s worse.” She retrieved her shoes and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, 61 “I’m not a mystery to you anymore.” “Leave mystery to young lovers—they need it.” “But that’s what I want to be!” “Young or a lover?” “Both.” ...


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