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3 The Banterers “Now here’s a politician says he knows the mind of South America,” he muttered as he read, “How’s that for modesty?” She had the look of someone studying her favorite piece of jewelry alone. He crunched the pages of the paper like excelsior. “Ads, ads, ads—you need a microscope to find the news.” She smiled and asked, “Do you remember what happened thirty years ago today?” “The Yankees won the pennant?” “No.” “Armstrong claimed the moon for Nixon?” “No.” “I bought that clinker of an Oldsmobile?” “You asked me to marry you.” “And what was your answer?” “I refused.” “Why?” “Cary Grant asked me first.” 4 “What made you change your mind about him?” “You.” “Me?” Just then she noticed it—a small white box no larger than a domino beside the telephone. “What’s in the box?” “Maybe it’s something from Cary Grant.” After opening the velveteen lid, she plucked the ring and eased her finger into it. She posed. He focused on the team standings in the National League West. She let the ring bewitch her as she modeled it and hummed. “Cary?” “Yes.” “You’ll have to help me take this off.” “I’ll try,” he said and reached for the ring. “Not that,” she said, guiding his hand to the belt of her robe, “. . . this.” ...


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