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ix Acknowledgments Aproject such as this one cannot be completed without the support of many people, and I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth: Amanda Bent, Conrad Brustrom, Joe Cleary, Denis Condon, Íde Corley, Michael G. Cronin, Peter Denman, Luke Gibbons, Colin Graham, Kylie Jarrett, Sinéad Kennedy, Eva Lindroos, Conor McCarthy, Janeen Naji, Tracy O’Flaherty, Stephen O’Neill, Stephanie Rains, Moynagh Sullivan, and Shelley Troupe, who have all, at different times, offered advice, discussion, and insight. A collegial atmosphere has been an immense boon for me as Memory Ireland has progressed. An invitation from Marguérite Corporaal to participate in the Global Legacies of the Irish Famine conference in Nijmegan in March 2013 provided the opportunity to engage with Famine scholars from all over the world; particular thanks to Marguérite and her co-organizers, Christopher Cusack, Lindsey Jannsen, and Ruud van den Bueken. Margaret Kelleher has provided expertise and support in many arenas, for which I am most grateful. Chris Morash was generous with his time and provided invaluable advice at crucial moments. Anne Fogarty and Declan Kiberd have continued to provide advice and inspiration through their scholarly practice, and I thank them. Emilie Pine’s foundation of the Irish Memory Studies Network created a network of scholars working in this field; I was delighted to have had the chance to deliver the opening lecture of the Network’s lecture series. Patricia Coughlan , Emily Mark-FitzGerald, Piaras McÉinrí, Brian Ó Conchubhair, and Rita Kelly responded rapidly and generously to image and permission crises, and I am grateful for their help. Katherine O’Callaghan and Malcolm Sen have provided much medicinal laughter along the way, as have Aoife Glavin and Nancy Falkow. Ann Hirsh has also been supportive at every turn. x Acknowledgments I have been fortunate in continuing to work with Jennika Baines, my editor at Syracuse University Press, and to her my utmost thanks for her brilliant eye, care with the manuscript, and practical encouragement along the way. All of the staff at Syracuse have been a pleasure to work with, and I thank them for their years of work on these books. Finally, immense thanks to my family, who have lived with Memory Ireland for many years now. Helen, Tony, Paul, and Marine Lenehan stepped in with offers of babysitting when work was pressing, as did Maureen Frawley, and all have made my writing and research possible. For their patience with me as I’ve made my way through this third volume, I owe the biggest debt of gratitude and love to Donal Lenehan, Caelin, and Oscar. Memory Ireland ...


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