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vii Illustrations 3.1. Murrisk “Famine Ship,” County Mayo 100 3.2. Murrisk “Famine Ship,” detail of skull, County Mayo 101 3.3. Doolough Pass Memorial Cross, County Mayo 105 3.4. Famine Group, St. Stephen’s Green 107 3.5. Famine Memorial, Custom House Quay 109 3.6. Boston Irish Famine Memorial 113 3.7. Boston Irish Famine Memorial detail 115 4.1. Robert French, “The Battering Ram has done its work” 128 4.2. Robert French, “Mathias Magrath’s house, Moyasta, Co. Clare after destruction by the Battering Ram” 129 4.3. Illustrations published in Famine Is a Lie 133 4.4. Dorothy Cross, Endarken 134 4.5. Alanna O’Kelly, The Country Blooms—A Garden and a Grave 136 6.1. Dunfanaghy Workhouse Heritage Centre, exterior view 164 6.2. Dunfanaghy Workhouse Heritage Centre, room with Hannah 165 6.3. Donaghmore Workhouse and Agricultural Museum, exterior detail 168 6.4. Donaghmore Workhouse and Agricultural Museum, boys’ dormitory 169 10.1. Willie Doherty, installation with slide projectors and sound 237 10.2. Paul Seawright, Memory 241 10.3. Aisling O’Beirn, Some Things about Belfast (Or So I’m Told) 243 viii Illustrations 10.4. Mary McIntyre, The Mound I 245 13.1. A bannerette linking the UVF, 36th Ulster Division, and First World War battles 301 13.2. Images from a UVF mural 303 ...


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