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Illustrations. Unattributed photographs are by the author. Figures 1.1. Lieutenant-General Mykhailo Stakhurs'kyi, soon to be appointed first secretary of the Vinnytsia Party Regional Committee. 47 1.2. Stakhurs'kyi delivering a public address. 48 1.3. A monument on Vinnytsia's main street commemorating Ivan Bevz, who was purged during the Terror in the late 1930s. Sculptor, A. Levyts'kyi. 53 3.1. Two Boots Make a Pair. L'viv, 1945. A Soviet poster condemning the Nazi-Ukrainian nationalist alliance. Artist, O. Koziurenko. Courtesy, Central Scientific Library, Kiev, Ukraine. 167 3.2. A monument overlooking the mass graves of several thousand locals and prisoners of war executed by the Nazis following the completion of construction of Hitler's headquarters nearby. 171 3.3. The grave at Lityn's central square of an NKVD officer killed in a clash with a Ukrainian nationalist unit in the region in June 1944. 175 3.4. French Justice. Soviet mockery of the lenient treatment of wartime collaborators by the French government. Krokodil, 30 January 1953. Artist, L. Soifertis. 185 4.1. Footprints of Crimes. 1953. Announcement of the uncovering of the "Doctors' Plot." Krokodil, 30 January 1953. Artists, Kukryniksy. 199 5.1. Vinnitsa. Vinnytsia, 1943. A Nazi poster portraying the exhumation of mass graves of victims of Soviet terror in the region. Courtesy, Hoover Archive, Stanford University. 266 5.2. Vinnitsa: Do Not Forget What Happened! Vinnytsia, 1943. A Nazi collage ofphotos ofthe exhumation ofmass graves ofvictims ofSoviet terror in Vinnytsia. Courtesy, Hoover Archive, Stanford University. 267 5.3. The Holocaust in Vinnytsia. Photo depicting the massacre of local Jews by an Einsatzgruppe unit. Courtesy, YIVO, New York. 278 6.1. We Were Triumphant in Battle—We Shall Be Triumphant on the Labor Front. Kharkiv, n.d. War veterans are called on to transfer the zeal of the front to the harvest campaign. Artist, Slivchenko. Courtesy, Central Scientific Library, Kiev, Ukraine. 315 6.2. The monument and eternalflamehonoring fallen soldiers in the center of Vinnytsia. 340 6.3. An obelisk commemorating the fallen native sons of the village of Bahrynivtsi. 341 X ILLUSTRATIONS 6.4. The Sun Has Fully Risen—It Is Liberation Day for Ukraine! Kiev, 1944. Artist, R. Mel'nychuk, with poetry by Mykola Tereshchenko. Courtesy , Central Scientific Library, Kiev, Ukraine. 353 6.5. Poster featuring the poetry of Taras Shevchenko, the nineteenthcentury Ukrainian national bard, who was mobilized to the Soviet war effort . Kiev, 1944. Artist, I. Pleshchyns'kyi. Courtesy, Central Scientific Library , Kiev, Ukraine. 355 6.6. Ukraine Is Free! Kiev, 1944. Artist, M. Litvynenko. Courtesy, Central Scientific Library, Kiev, Ukraine. 357 6.7. Long Live and Forever Flourish Soviet Unified Ukrainian Land, Liberated by the Red Army! Kiev, 1945. Artist, Myronenko. Courtesy, Central Scientific Library, Kiev, Ukraine. 358 6.8. Beautiful Ukraine—United and Indivisible! L'viv, 1945. Artists, V. Fatal'chuk and O. Iunak, with poetry by Pavlo Tychyna. Courtesy, Central Scientific Library, Kiev, Ukraine. 360 6.9. Vote for the Best Sons and Daughters of Our People to the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic! 1946. Poster depicting the ideal postwar Soviet Ukrainian family. Artists, V. Fatal'chuk and O. Iunak. Courtesy, Central Scientific Library, Kiev, Ukraine. 361 A.l. Three generations of memorials to war victims (1945,1965,1991) at a cemetery in Lityn. 381 A.2. Jewish cemetery in Lityn. 383 A.3. A Soviet Ukrainian Pieta. Commemoration of fallen native sons in the village of Ivanivtsi. 384 Maps 1. Soviet Ukraine before and after the annexation of the western regions . 2 2. Ukraine during World War II. 4 ...


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