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CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS vii ABBREVIATIONS ix Introduction 1 PART I: THE JEWS OF PALESTINE TO 70 C.E. 17 ONE Politics and Society 19 TWO Religion and Society before 70 C.E. 49 PART II: JEWS IN PALESTINE FROM 135 TO 350 101 THREE Rabbis and Patriarchs on the Margins 103 FOUR Jews or Pagans? The Jews and the Greco-Roman Cities of Palestine 129 FIVE The Rabbis and Urban Culture 162 PART III: SYNAGOGUE AND COMMUNITY FROM 350 TO 640 177 SIX Christianization 179 SEVEN A Landscape Transformed 203 EIGHT Origins and Diffusion of the Synagogue 215 NINE Judaization 240 TEN The Synagogue and the Ideology of Community 275 Conclusion 291 SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY 293 INDEX 317 This page intentionally left blank ...