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177 Professor Stephen Powell is a remarkable member of the Centre College community. While he is known by all as an accomplished, internationally recognized glass artist, we at Centre know him first as an excellent professor. One can only be impressed by Stephen’s capacity to have an impact on so many young people—those who major in the visual arts and those who simply want to know about and explore what it means to be an artist. Being a teacher is one of his many extraordinary gifts. Having spoken of Stephen’s competence as a professor, I need to say a word about his dedication to Centre College and his community. So often men and women of high achievement “forget where they live”—and sometimes are reluctant to meet their obligations as citizens in their community. Both Stephen and his wife, Shelly, contribute to their community, their state, and their nation in mighty ways. They understand instinctively and model for others the belief that giving of one’s time, talent, and resources for the benefit of others is the rent we pay for occupying space on Earth. Finally, I note that Stephen Powell might choose to live and share his artistic brilliance in bigger cities or at larger, more complex institutions of higher education. He has made the better choice to remain at Centre College here in central Kentucky. We count it a privilege to call him colleague. We count it a blessing that he and his family are our friends. John Roush President, Centre College COLLEAGUE AND FRIEND 180 180 ...


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