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vii First, this book would not have been possible without my old friend Julius Friedman, who brought confidence and integrity to the creation of the book, and my long-time best friend Mark “Looney” Lucas, who has experienced the ups and downs of life with me and has tied the book together with sincerity and humor. Special thanks to David Harpe for his hard work and outstanding photographic vision. Also, thanks to William Butler for the impetus to make the book in the first place. In addition, thanks to Kate Philips for her photographic contributions. I would like to thank James Yood and Laurie Winters for their interest in my work and their ability to put into words what it is I do and why I do it. I am deeply indebted to Kenn Holsten, Marvin Lipofsky, Dante Marioni, Bonnie Marx, John Roush, and Lino Tagliapietra for the generous reflections they have contributed to this book. I sometimes wondered whom they were talking about. I would like to acknowledge the terrific relationship that I have with Centre College. I owe much as a teacher and artist to the support of David and Marlene Grissom, John and Susie Roush, Richard Trollinger, John Ward, Michael Adams, Leonard DiLillo, Karin Ciholas, Milton Reigelman, Richard Morrill, and Rick Nahm. Since starting the Centre College glass program in 1985, I have had generous support from Corning Glassworks in Harrodsburg, Kentucky; Philips Lighting in Danville, Kentucky; Corhart Refractories in Louisville, Kentucky; and General Electric in Somerset, Kentucky. Special support for the Centre facilities and visiting artist programs has come from John Schiff and the Skyler Foundation, Ray Hazard, Jim and Laurie Seabury, Rob and Kim Rosenstein, Adele and Leonard Leight, Robert and Judy Ayotte, George and Nawanna Privett, Chuck and Carol Campbell, Ken Enos, Steve Tucker, Mike Geralds, Chuck Tyler, and David Smith. A warm thank you to Lino Tagliapietra for enhancing my academic, professional, and personal life. Also, a special thank you to Morton Kasdan and Mack Jackson for putting my arm back together and for their friendship. The greatest thank you goes to my assistants over the years, with particular note of the enduring presence of Chris Bohach, Richard Garvey, Brook White, Paul Hugues, Ché Rhodes, and Patrick Martin. It has been truly a team effort, and I hope all my crew members past and present realize how much I appreciate their loyalty and hard work. ASSISTANTS Billy Anderson Lauren Arnold Perry Biddle Chris Bohach Jon Capps Matthew Cummings Jennifer Carswell Daniel Mitzi Elliott Stephen Finney Alysia Fischer Richard Garvey Josh Harris Paul Hugues Ted Jeckering Adam Kenney Patrick Martin D. H. McNabb Ryan Montgomery McKinley Moore Paul Nelson Peter Palmqvist Brian Pavloff Duncan Pitchford Ché Rhodes Amy Roush Anne Rushing Harry Schwartzrock Brent Sommerhauser Tommy Spake John Stokes Naomi Stuecker Jonathon Swanz Shane Urquart Kurt Waechter Laura Ward David Watkins Nathan Watson Brook White Stuart Worobetz Ying Wu A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S ...


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