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APPENDIX D Political Behavior All of the variables were coded on a 0 to 1 scale with 1 indicating greater political engagement. “As I read from a list of political activities that people sometimes do, please tell me whether or not you have engaged in these activities in the last TWO years? Have you . . .” Respondents who replied yes were coded 1, and respondents who replied no were coded 0. VOTING PRESIDENTIAL: Did you vote in the past presidential election? INDIRECT CONTACT BEHAVIOR SIGNED PETITION SUPPORTING CANDIDATE: Signed a petition supporting a candidate who was running for office? SIGNED PETITION SUPPORTING SOMETHING: Signed a petition in support of something or against something? DIRECT CONTACT BEHAVIOR CONTACTED PUBLIC OFFICIAL: Contacted a public official or agency? CONTACTED BLACK ELECTED OFFICIAL: Ever contacted a BLACK elected official about a concern or problem that you have had? 165 CONTACTED WHITE ELECTED OFFICIAL: Ever contacted a WHITE elected official about a concern or problem that you have had? COMMUNAL ACTIVITY “Now, I’m going to read you a list of things people have done to address such problems as neighborhood crime, drug trafficking, the quality of education, or the safety of children. Please tell me if you have done any of these things in the last two years.” ATTEND PROTEST MEETING: Attended a protest meeting or demonstration? TAKE PART IN MARCH: Taken part in a neighborhood march? CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY HELPED IN VOTER REGISTRATION: Helped in voter registration drive? GIVE RIDE TO POLLS: Given people a ride to the polls on election day? GIVE MONEY: Given money to a political candidate? ATTEND FUND-RAISER: Attended a fund-raiser for a candidate? HAND OUT CAMPAIGN MATERIAL: Handed out campaign material or placed campaign material on cars? 166 Appendix D ...


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