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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS D URING THIS BOOK’S long passage into print, I have had a great deal of intellectual, moral, and material support. Edward Said, Lennard Davis, Nancy K. Miller, and Robert Paxtonreadpartsofthebookinitsoriginalform—asaColumbiaUniversity doctoral dissertation—and I am indebted to each of them for encouragement and advice. My dissertation research was supported in part by a fellowship from the Whiting Foundation. I soon realized that writing the book I had in mind would require a substantialrevisionandbroadeningofthescopeofmydissertation.In carrying out that latter project, I was not, fortunately, left entirely to my own devices. William Veeder, Ronald Thomas, and the graduate students in the Workshop on Nineteenth-Century Literature offered useful advice at an early stage of my revision. I am grateful as well to George Stocking and Jan Goldstein, who invited me to participate in the Workshop in the History of the Human Sciences (WHHS). The papers presented at the WHHS opened my eyes to the ferment in the interdisciplinaryfieldIwasexploring,andIbenefitedaswellfromthe cameraderie with social scientists and from the discussions of my own work, including an early version of one of the chapters in this book. The same could be said about my stay at the Wesleyan University CenterfortheHumanities ,madepossiblebyaMellonFoundationFellowship . I am especially grateful to Richard Ohmann, Michael Sprinker, Thomas Ryckman, Khachig Tololyan, and Henry Abelove for their critical responses to drafts of several chapters in this book. I owe Jonathan Arac a special debt of gratitude for his intellectual generosity and support for this project at several stages in its development .JamesChandler,DavidBromwich,andLionelGossman,who allreadthemanuscriptforPrincetonUniversityPress,madejudicious suggestions for revision, almost all of which I adopted. And finally, to my wife, Penelope, I owe—in addition to several hundred hours of babysitting—the deepest debt of all. ...


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