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Contents Acknowledgments vii Social Control and History: An Introduction PIETER SPIERENBURG 1 Part One: Institutional Perspectives: State, Church, and the People 1. Discipline: The State and the Churches in Early Modern Europe HEINZ SCHILLING 25 2. Social Control in Early Modern England: The Need for a Broad Perspective JAMES A. SHARPE 37 3. Punishment versus Reconciliation: Marriage Control in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Holland MANON VAN DER HEIJDEN 55 4. Ordering Discourse and Society: Moral Politics, Marriage, and Fornication during the Reformation and the Confessionalization Process in Germany and Switzerland SUSANNA BURGHARTZ 78 5. Church Discipline in a Biconfessional Country: Ireland in a European Context UTE LOTZ-HEUMANN 99 6. Early Modern Discipline and the Visual Arts MICHAEL SCHOLZ-HÄNSEL 113 7. Early Modern Architecture: Conditioning, Disciplining, and Social Control BERND ROECK 132 Part Two: Communities: Perspectives from Below 8. Social Control Viewed from Below: New Perspectives HERMAN ROODENBURG 145 9. The Uses of Justice As a Form of Social Control in Early Modern Europe MARTIN DINGES 159 Spierenburg_Vol_1_FM_3rd.qxd 6/22/2004 2:36 PM Page v vi Contents 10. Moral Order in the World of Work: Social Control and the Guilds in Europe MAARTEN PRAK 176 11. Behavioral Regulation in the City: Families, Religious Associations, and the Role of Poor Relief KATHERINE LYNCH 200 12. Social Control of Violence, Violence As Social Control: The Case of Early Modern Germany GERD SCHWERHOFF 220 13. The Making of Popular Cultures of Social Control: A Comparison of Essex (England) and Hesse-Cassel (Germany) during the Reformation ROBERT VON FRIEDEBURG 247 14. Social Control from Below: Popular Arbitration of Disputes in Old Regime Spain TOMÁS A. MANTECÓN 267 15. Charivari and Shame Punishments: Folk Justice and State Justice in Early Modern England MARTIN INGRAM 288 16. Social Control and the Neighborhood in European Cities CARL A. HOFFMANN 309 Bibliography 329 Index 379 Spierenburg_Vol_1_FM_3rd.qxd 6/22/2004 2:36 PM Page vi ...


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