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INTRODUCTION WARREN VAN TINE AND MICHAEL PIERCE vii 1. George Croghan and the Emergence of British Influence on the Ohio Frontier ALFRED A. CAVE 1 2. John Cleves Symmes and the Miami Purchase R. DOUGLAS HURT 14 3. Arthur St. Clair and the Establishment of U.S. Authority in the Old Northwest JEFFREY P. BROWN 26 4. Little Turtle, Blue Jacket, and the Second Tribal Confederation, 1783–1795 ALLAN R. MILLETT 41 5. Thomas Worthington and the Quest for Statehood and Gentility MARY ALICE MAIROSE 60 6. Philander Chase and College Building in Ohio KENNETH H. WHEELER 72 7. John Campbell and the Blending of Industrial Development and Moral Uplift in Early Ohio PHILIP PAYNE 84 8. John P. Parker and the Underground Railroad MERTON L. DILLON 95 9. Frances Dana Gage and Northern Women’s Reform Activities in the Nineteenth Century BARBARA A. TERZIAN 108 10. Clement L. Vallandigham, the Ohio Democracy, and Loyalty during the Civil War ROBERTA SUE ALEXANDER 121 Contents  vantne_3rd_fmatter.qxd 11/3/2003 6:25 PM Page v 11. George H. Pendleton and the Resurrection of the Democratic Party ROBERT SAWREY 137 12. B. F. Goodrich and the Industrialization of Ohio MANSEL G. BLACKFORD 151 13. Martin Foran and the Creation of Cleveland’s Labor Movement MICHAEL PIERCE 164 14. Benjamin Arnett and the Color Line in Gilded Age Ohio MICHAEL PIERCE 178 15. Tom L. Johnson and Progressive Reform in Cleveland ANDREW R. L. CAYTON 192 16. William Oxley Thompson on Popular Education, Social Justice, and Social Control in Progressive Era Ohio AMY FANCELLI ZALIMAS 207 17. Florence E. Allen and “great changes in the status of women” JOAN E. ORGAN 218 18. Jane Edna Hunter and Black Institution Building in Ohio VIRGINIA R. BOYNTON 228 19. Martin L. Davey: Horatio Alger in the New Worlds of Tree Care and Partisan Politics RONALD LORA 240 20. George DeNucci and the Rise of Mass-Production Unionism in Ohio WARREN VAN TINE 254 21. John W. Bricker and the Slow Death of Old Guard Republicanism RICHARD O. DAVIES 269 22. James A. Rhodes and the 1960s Origin of Contemporary Ohio WILLIAM RUSSELL COIL 284 23. Carl B. Stokes, Cleveland, and the Limits of Black Political Power LEONARD N. MOORE 299 24. Dave Thomas, Fast Food, and Continued Opportunity in Ohio H. G. PARSA AND DAVID GERALD HOGAN 311 LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS 325 INDEX 331 vi CONTENTS vantne_3rd_fmatter.qxd 11/3/2003 6:25 PM Page vi ...


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