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Tables TABLE 2.1 Public Support for Federal Action on Fair Employment Practices (FEP): Gallup Poll, 1947–1953 58 TABLE 2.2 Actual and Potential Votes for Cloture on Civil Rights Legislation in the U.S. Senate, 1938–1964 81 TABLE 3.1 Social and Political Characteristics of Counties in New York State by Type of County, c. 1945 112 TABLE 4.1 State FEP Laws, 1945–1964 118 TABLE 4.2 Passage Rate of State FEP Legislation by State Characteristics, 1941–1964 159 TABLE 5.1 Selected Congressional Votes on the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 206 TABLE A.1 Black-White Disparities in Labor Market Outcomes for Men, 1940–1970 256 TABLE A.2 Committee Hearings on FEP and Equal Employment Opportunity Bills: U.S. Congress, 1944–1971 257 TABLE A.3 Selected Congressional Votes on FEP Legislation, 1944–1951 258 TABLE A.4 Logit Analysis of Support for FEP Legislation in Congress: House Discharge Petition, 1945 259 TABLE A.5 Logit Analysis of the House Vote on the McConnell Substitute, 1950 262 TABLE A.6 Logit Analysis of Public Support for State FEP Laws: Gallup Poll, 1945 268 TABLE A.7 Public Support for State FEP Law in Minnesota: Questions and Sources, 1947–1955 270 TABLE A.8 Legislative History of FEP Proposals in the Illinois Legislature, 1943–1961 271 TABLE A.9 Legislative History of FEP Proposals in the California Legislature, 1943–1959 272 TABLE A.10 Legislative History of FEP Proposals in the Ohio Legislature, 1945–1959 273 TABLE A.11 Selected Event-History Models of State FEP Legislation, 1945–1964 280 TABLE A.12 Logit Analysis of Key House Votes on Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation, 1971 282 TABLE A.13 OLS Models of Key Senate Votes on the Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation, 1972 284 ...


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