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John ­ Williams’s Film Music w i s c o n s i n f i l m s t u d i e s Pat­ rick McGil­ li­ gan Se­ ries Ed­ i­ tor John ­ Williams’s Film Music Jaws, Star Wars, Raid­ ers of the Lost Ark, and the Re­ turn of the Clas­ si­ cal Hol­ ly­ wood Music Style Em­ i­ lio Au­ dis­ sino T h e U n i ­ v e r ­ s i t y o f W i s ­ c o n ­ s i n P r e s s The Uni­ ver­ sity of Wis­ con­ sin Press 1930 Mon­ roe ­ Street, 3rd Floor Mad­ i­ son, Wis­ con­ sin 53711-2059 uw­ 3 Hen­ rietta ­ Street Lon­ don WC2E 8LU, En­ gland eu­ ros­ pan­ book­ Copy­ right © 2014 The Board of Re­ gents of the Uni­ ver­ sity of Wis­ con­ sin ­ System All ­ rights re­ served. No part of this pub­ li­ ca­ tion may be re­ pro­ duced, ­ stored in a re­ trieval ­ system, or trans­ mit­ ted, in any for­ mat or by any means, dig­ i­ tal, elec­ tronic, me­ chan­ i­ cal, photo­ cop­ y­ ing, re­ cord­ ing, or oth­ er­ wise, or con­ veyed via the Inter­ net or a web­ site with­ out writ­ ten per­ mis­ sion of the Uni­ ver­ sity of Wis­ con­ sin Press, ex­ cept in the case of brief quo­ ta­ tions em­ bed­ ded in crit­ i­ cal ar­ ti­ cles and re­ views.­ Printed in the ­ United ­ States of Amer­ ica Li­ brary of Con­ gress ­ Cataloging-in-Publication Data Au­ dis­ sino, Em­ i­ lio, au­ thor. John ­ Williams’s film music: Jaws, Star Wars, Raid­ ers of the Lost Ark, and the re­ turn of the clas­ si­ cal Hol­ ly­ wood music style / Em­ i­ lio Au­ dis­ sino. pages   cm — (Wis­ con­ sin film stud­ ies) In­ cludes bib­ lio­ graph­ i­ cal ref­ er­ ences and index. ISBN 978-0-299-29734-3 (pbk.: alk. paper) ISBN 978-0-299-29733-6 (e-book) 1. Williams, John, 1932—Crit­ i­ cism and inter­ pre­ ta­ tion. 2. Mo­ tion pic­ ture music—His­ tory and crit­ i­ cism. 3. Jaws (Mo­ tion pic­ ture).   4. Star wars (Mo­ tion pic­ ture). 5. Raid­ ers of the lost ark (Mo­ tion pic­ ture). 6. Bos­ ton Pops Or­ ches­ tra. I. Title.   II. Se­ ries: Wis­ con­ sin film stud­ ies. ML410.W71335A83    2014 781.5´42092—dc23 2013033116 pub­ li­ ca­ tion of this ar­ range­ ment is made pos­ sible by a grant Fig­ ure Foun­ da­ tion To Vit­ to­ rio and Sil­ via i miei ca­ ris­ simi gen­ i­ tori There is no­ body in my ex­ pe­ ri­ ence who made the kind of im­ pact on my ca­ reer and my films than this man. This man has ab­ so­ lutely trans­ formed every­ thing that I have done into some­ thing that I could not im­ a­ gine ever hav­ ing done. And he does it be­ cause he com­ mu­ ni­ cates so well with all of you. He has re­ dis­ cov­ ered some­ thing that was very pop­ u­ lar and im­ por­ tant in the 1930s and 1940s. . . . And I know of no one who knows how to write film music that goes ­ straight to your heart and ­ straight to your soul than my good ­ friend John ­ Williams. . . . And John is ac­ tu­ ally one of the great­ est sto­ ry­ tell­ ers of all time. Ste­ ven Spiel­ berg “Hol­ ly­ wood Bowl Hall of Fame Cer­ e­ mony,” 23 June 2000 ...


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