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vii 1.1. San Francisco Bay Area counties and major cities xvi 1.2. Employment shares by industry, San Francisco and average of 20 other largest central cities, 1990, 2000, and 2010 19 1.3. San Francisco’s minimum compensation in 2012 28 1.4. San Francisco and other Bay Area counties, 10th percentile hourly wage, 2003–2012 29 1.5. Employment in San Francisco and select Bay Area counties, 2001–2011 30 1.6. Employment in restaurants in San Francisco and select Bay Area counties, 2001–2011 32 2.1. Average earnings for restaurant workers indexed to 2002 Q1 level 52 2.2. Restaurant worker employment, San Francisco and Alameda Counties 53 Figures viii f i g u r e s 3.1. Enplanements at SFO and all U.S. airports, before and after the QSP 85 4.1. Timeline of IHSS compensation increases, 1995–2010 108 4.2. San Francisco retention rate and relative IHSS wage, 2001–2009 114 5.1. Health benefit statistics, 2007 137 5.2. Gap in employer health spending per employee 138 5.3. San Francisco employer responses to HCSO 140 5.4. Employer sentiment regarding Health Care Security Ordinance 145 5.5. Ratio of center county employment and wages to periphery counties in San Francisco and 24 other MSAs, 2002–2010 147 6.1. Geographic distribution of equal benefits ordinances 162 ...


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