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Civil War History readers¥ edited by joHn t. Hubbell µ “For years—for generations, really—the best and the brightest among American historians have blazed new trails with seismically influential contributions to Civil War History. Every student of the period should rejoice at the appearance of this collection of some of the choicest examples. The book not only preserves the original pieces in a highly useful single volume but reminds us anew of the sound research and deft analysis that makes them timeless.” Harold Holzer, Chairman, Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation • • • • • For sixty years the journal Civil War History has presented the best original scholarship in the study of America’s greatest struggle. The Kent State University Press is pleased to present this third volume in its multivolume series, reintroducing the most influential of more than 500 articles published in the journal. From military command, strategy, and tactics to political leadership, race, abolitionism, the draft, and women’s issues, and from the war’s causes to its aftermath and Reconstruction, Civil War History has published pioneering and provocative analyses of the determining aspects of the Middle Period. In this third volume of the Civil War History Readers, John T. Hubbell has selected groundbreaking essays by Douglas L. Wilson, Mark E. Neely Jr., Herman Hattaway and Archer Jones, Ludwell H. Johnson, Allen C. Guelzo, and other scholars who examine Lincoln’s assertive idealism, leadership, views on slavery, abolitionism, emancipation, and Lincoln as a war president. Hubbell’s introduction assesses the contribution of each article to our understanding of Lincoln and the Civil War era. JoHN T. HUBBELL is professor emeritus of history at Kent State University and director emeritus of The Kent State University Press. He was editor of Civil War History for thirty-five years, from 1965 to 1999. He is the editor of the inaugural volume in this series, Conflict and Command (The Kent State University Press, 2012). Cover art courtesy of the Library of Congress. civil war history readers, vol. 3 THe KenT STaTe UniverSiTy PreSS Kent, ohio 44242 9 781606 352007 ISBN 978-1-60635-200-7 Civil War History readers vol. 3 on lincoln Edited by John T. Hubbell lincoln on ••••• ••••• In order to view this proof accurately, the Overprint Preview Option must be checked in Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader. Please contact your Customer Service Representative if you have questions about finding the option. Job#: 358884c Date: 14-04-03 17:13:13 ...


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