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Acronyms ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations BAKC Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia CGDK Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea (1980s) CIJ Co-­ Investigating Judges (ECCC) CPC Criminal Procedure Code (Cambodia) CPK Communist Party of Kampuchea CPP Cambodian People’s Party CSD Center for Social Development DC-­ Cam Documentation Center of Cambodia DESA United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs DK Democratic Kampuchea DSS Defence Support Section (ECCC) ECCC Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia ICC International Criminal Court ICCPR International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ICTR International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ICTY International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia JAC Judicial Administration Committee (ECCC) OA Office of Administration (ECCC) OCIJ Office of the Co-­ Investigating Judges (ECCC) OCP Office of the Co-­ Prosecutors (ECCC) OLA Office of Legal Affairs (United Nations) OSJI Open Society Justice Initiative PAS Public Affairs Section (ECCC) PRK People’s Republic of Kampuchea (Cambodia, 1979–­ 89) PTC Pre-­ Trial Chamber (ECCC) viii / Acronyms RGC Royal Government of Cambodia SCC Supreme Court Chamber (ECCC) SCM Supreme Council of Magistracy (Cambodia) SCSL Special Court for Sierra Leone SCU Serious Crimes Unit (East Timor) SPSC Special Panels for Serious Crimes (East Timor) STL Special Tribunal for Lebanon TPO Transcultural Psychosocial Organization UNAKRT UN Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials UNDP UN Development Program UNTAC UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia (1991–­ 93) VU Victims Unit (ECCC) VSS Victims Support Section (ECCC) WCC War Crimes Chamber (Bosnia and Herzegovina) ...


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