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Contents Acronymsvii Acknowledgmentsix Introduction 1 Chapter 1 Forging a Hybrid Court: “A Mountain Never Has Two Tigers” 14 Chapter 2 Pairing the Court’s National and International Features 41 Chapter 3 Serving Two Masters: Dual Administration, Oversight, and Funding 70 Chapter 4 Case 001—­ Convicting an Infamous Khmer Rouge Torture Chief:“You Cannot Cover an Elephant with a Rice Basket” 104 Chapter 5 Case 002—­ The Centerpiece Case against Senior Leaders: “Cutting the Head to Fit the Hat” 134 Chapter 6 Cases 003 & 004—­ The Politics of Personal Jurisdiction: “No Gain in Keeping, No Loss in Weeding Out” 167 Chapter 7 A Historic First: Recognizing Victims as Case Parties 202 Chapter 8 Connecting to Cambodians: Outreach and Legacy 231 Conclusion 261 Notes279 Selected References403 Index417 Illustrations following page 166 ...


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