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Acknowledgments This book has been several years in the making, and we could not have accomplished it without the generous participation and support of a number of people. First and foremost, we would like to thank all the teachers and administrators who generously responded to our initial survey, who opened their classrooms to us, and spent many of their precious hours in interviews with us. The faculty and staff of the participating schools were always hospitable to us, despite the intrusions we made into the regular work of their school days. We also thank Andrew Race,Seamus Mulryan,and Jeff Thibert,three graduate students who assisted in the early part of the project, helping us to contact schools, facilitate meetings, and transcribe sessions of our interviews and class observations. We owe a special debt of gratitude to Sara Shrader, another graduate student whose assistance was invaluable throughout the project. Sara traveled with us to observe classroom sessions, interviewed teachers along with us, and reviewed and edited earlier versions of the study. Her contribution to the study is reflected on every page of the book. All four students served, perhaps more frequently than they might have wished, as valuable sounding boards to test and refine our perceptions, judgments, and conclusions. This study also depended on generous financial support. The initial survey of curricula for courses in religion in public schools was made possible by the support of the University of Illinois Research Board. The extensive field visits and interviews with participating school staff members were supported by a grant from the Spencer Foundation. The Department of Religion and the College of Education at the University of Illinois also enabled our research through the granting of leave time and the provision of grant support. Finally, we would like to thank the two anonymous readers for their valuable observations and critique of an earlier draft, and Thomas Dwyer, Andrea Olson, and the dedicated staff of the University of Michigan Press for shepherding the book to its completion. ...


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