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This book would not exist without the support of many friends, colleagues, family members, and mentors over the years. Thank you to the anonymous reviewers of my manuscript, and to Eugene O’Connor, Malcolm Litchfield, Laurie Avery, and Sandy Crooms at The Ohio State University Press. Thanks to Ed Hatton for copyediting the manuscript and Matthew White for compiling the index. Thank you to my colleagues and students at Oberlin College for being curious and intelligent interlocutors, generous with their energies, and devoted to teaching and learning as lifelong practices inextricable from the deep currents of social justice. In particular, I want to thank my colleagues in Hispanic Studies—Margaret Boyle, Ana Cara, Eli Cohen, Kim Faber, Sebastiaan Faber, Matt Feinberg, Esmeralda Martínez-Tapia, Patrick O’Connor, Barbara Sawhill, Patty Tovar, and Blanca Villar—for their friendship, guidance, and good humor. I also want to thank William Patrick Day, Sean Decatur, Hsiu-Chuang Deppman, Jed Deppman, Jennifer Fraser, Suzanne Gay, Heather Hogan, Tim Scholl, Steve Volk, and Sandy Zagarell for their advice and support throughout my first two years at Oberlin. I also want to thank all my former colleagues and students at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Michigan. I’m grateful to Vincenzo Binetti, Veronica Davidov, Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola, Stephanie Kirk, vii k Acknowledgments K viii Acknowledgments Anton Shammas, Ruth Tsoffar, and Gareth Williams for their role as intellectual interlocutors for me during a precarious time, as I moved from institution to institution. I am also very grateful to Elzbieta Sklodowska for reading an early draft of the manuscript, and to Lucille Kerr and Alejandro Meter for their mentorship and for productive conversations around the notion of “Jewish Latin America” as I worked through the material in chapters 3 and 4 of the book. Thanks to Cristina Moreiras-Menor for her generosity and genius, and for modeling a way of working in the academy with integrity. Thanks to Josefina Ludmer for serving as my dissertation advisor and for the wild joy that lit up the cracks in systems, especially her own. Thank you to my friends, family, and mentors around the world, and especially to Tara Themis Brown, Jessica Chase-White and Mike White, Naomi Clark, Jeanie, Bruce, Sarah and Michael Coopersmith, The Fab Five, Temim Fruchter, Jennifer Koh, Elijah Oberman, Monica Pierrepointe, Mon Sendra, The Shondes, Louisa Solomon, Mark Solomon, Nicole Solomon, Diane Welch, Leonard Welch, and Jason Young. Special thanks to my brilliant, loving, and always well-dressed grandmother, Millie Solomon, my role model in so many things. Thanks most of all to my husband, Yago Colás. This book is dedicated in loving memory to my grandfather, Morris Sher Solomon. Parts of chapters 3 and 4 are revisions of material that appeared originally in my article “Reconsidering Anti-Semitism and White Slavery in Contemporary Historical Fiction about Argentina,” in Comparative Literature 63.3 (2011), published by Duke University Press. ...


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