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vii Preface ix Introduction 1 Martin Drenthen and Jozef Keulartz Part I. Coming of Age 1 Ten Steps in the Development of Western Environmental Aesthetics 13 Allen Carlson 2 Future Directions for Environmental Aesthetics 25 Yuriko Saito 3 On Universalism and Cultural Historicism in Environmental Aesthetics 41 Jonathan Maskit Part II. Rethinking Relationships 4 The Cultural Aesthetics of Environment 61 Arnold Berleant 5 Toward an Aesthetics of Respect: Kant’s Contribution to Environmental Aesthetics 73 Denis Dumas Contents viii Contents 6 From Theoretical to Applied Environmental Aesthetics: Academic Aesthetics Meets Real-World Demands 87 Yrjö Sepänmaa Part III. Nature, Art, and the Power of Imagination 7 Environmental Art and Ecological Citizenship 101 Jason B. Simus 8 Can Only Art Save Us Now? 118 David Wood 9 Landscapes of the Environmental Imagination: Ranging from NASA and Cuyahoga Images to Kiefer and O’Keeffe Paintings 135 Irene J. Klaver Part IV. Wind Farms, Shopping Malls, and Wild Animals 10 Beauty or Bane: Advancing an Aesthetic Appreciation of Wind Turbine Farms 157 Tyson-Lord Gray 11 Thinking Like a Mall 174 Steven Vogel 12 Aesthetic Value and Wild Animals 188 Emily Brady Notes 201 List of Contributors 241 Index 247 ...