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From: Ameriscopia

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73 When Does the Game Begin Mogador is misted today, disappears into cerulean fog Afternoon wind has died down On the beach across Mogador Little boys in skinny bathing suits roll in the sand Taking advantage of rare calm In a moment of non-windy sunshine, the beach is packed With hundreds of boys the color of sand In constant motion Motion-creatures born for constant motion Hand claps, polyrhythmic slaps, a hand game For handsome chaps, little boys with Moroccan hair Throw themselves into the sand Over & over rolling around They become the beach An entire beach of sand boys Hundreds of little bodies For every particle of sand Girls don’t play with boys here Barely any girls at all At what age are they told to not play with boys Are little boys told to stay away from them Little girls should become a beach One day for every particle of sand ...

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