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67 A Story for America Little Boy has nothing on wants to have what Big Boy has wants to flex muscles he doesn’t have yet wants to fly away from home looks back after taking two steps looks at his shadow crawling up mountainside, up pyramids, up steps back home Little Boy sees the sun casting its light & calls the sun: America America sees Little Boy screaming in playground & calls the boy: A Problem Big Boy has left home already doesn’t see America as anything sees everything as sunshine sees into the sunshine gets blind from the sunshine & calls it: Tomorrow Tomorrow sees Big Boy removes his eyesight & calls him: Mine Now Big Boy belongs to Tomorrow has no one Today never Today Little Boy has Today before Tomorrow sees him, playing in Central, South, & other Americas Little Boy sees Tomorrow & calls Tomorrow: Mine little boy wants what big boy has big boy wants what little boy was they were two things marked the same thing & everyone is happening everywhere 68 they were two, by any chance anybody see anything with nothing on it? by any hour, anyone see anything, by anywhere, see any place, we fill this room, with nothing, what? they were anything, anyplace they were nothing with anything on ...


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