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61 Three Spots under the Shade ~~~~a man told me i was cerulean shear but only after a man told me i was seeing eye but i dont want to be some gash you are not grateful for your scars said a man in cobalt sky spilled a crib singed for tie tot but i dont want to be cerulean for you said he you are not for me said crimson man to head half sheared half listening half bathing when do you want your towel said i leave me when i exit said skinny he mandarin all over sheared skin water lake had double lake one under other and i thought imagine that to have lake under lake for all days said a man that i would walk in jasmine swim as breath under head was juniper green rezoned for cerulean cumulo combo rectus hand me said i my towel man gave me fan big as thumbs i cant dry myself with this but you said he have so much to show outside thumbs so much outside fan wont ever swing but will cool dont said he hide i stepped out of towel out of lake swung free by excess and melancholy orange faded from limbs gathered to bone umber cerulean melt on iris way down my ice cap do i said i thank you now o man said he you are blue for indigo me and nodding deep as ever bathtub reverie soaker be my eyes again wont i said i be gash for a man sheared by magic on a road of alabaster jubilee dripped from nose but i dont want to be who only after i a gash a me will ever tell who some azurean sea some sienna scar be tot who tells said he a man who gashed his free for thee ~~~~a bird was cage below greybeard, was high above lady smelt by spin, lets, do that agin she rhymed, anon provocateur martyrs doom for mutual coma, right there, in our spin is . . . oooh how 62 easy to escape with winged hand and devil cape . . . if color be speed, what start be light to white, says lady limbed by taller spin, what afternoon does to cloud when legs decide to never foot crotch, here, let’s run digits along limbic swimmers, take cored earthball, peel away slept sheets, dripped in perspiring forevers, let’s lay remaining royalty side by side, marvel at the match of pore with crik, curve the encounter between cliff and flesh, negative outs seamed over positive ins, run silver veins underneath crimson, creeping in cage, a winged wake prepared for flight over silent skin, pecks at life lived not loaned, mercurial bars blame bend for bone, jewels robed in ravishing scars gash through rivered hues of feet stuck in same blues, each drop dared to float off diligent skin, this . . . evaporating cage, at once sucked and milked . . . these interfered bars, left wet for lick, man looks for lake, man . . . look at that lake ...


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