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14 Temporality at 5 am Catching every moment, so I have it Because what if I lose every bit of my time Every thought, in a word, a letter here on the page in front of me The receptacle being managed By the output What is mine, to lose Would be shared, to win Who am I to say what is victorious A family that sleeps on one bed, the size of a floor Underneath a ceiling fan in the dark A twilight, appearing to a sleepless eye, as corona Melted blue by starlit blade Moon in chimes of five made two Because of catching, throwing made itself second Leaving falling as orphan What if I fall In every moment I fail to catch Because I get up Instead of fall back To catch this moment, on this page What if I lose this moment To all the others I’ve caught All the others Waiting their turn To be read, breathed into Re-lived as new, how many new ones Does anyone really need 15 Exhausting To get up and write this down Again, to catch the light As it dawns To go back and fall again To meet pillow looking up To say what again, you know... To stare at a ceiling you can’t see ...


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