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13 Apartment 5D morningdrops,outsidemydoor,anewdaydelivered,foralltohear,inacityapartment with no dog, running in no front yard, chasing no paperboy, a hallway, between we and world, a door, separating us from morning, arriving, with orange skyshift to cloudless grey, as day wants to think, how screwy ocean heart, how mellow you to choose tasty me, before the drop, the jolt of orange sky, shift to cloudless dew, or blue as day would say, how echo of you to repeat my glow, to word on what we heard just then, how gloriousness we, how lightful sent this peeking love, between we and world, no fence, no grass, how where to go, what swallows the massive tooth, the running whip of machine, what follows form behind terror, time—to go you say, so soon? waves—dirt—mud—crest—noise—ravage the body system, the silent chamber locked by load, the entirety of embellishment, full—city—noise a next stilled for a few days, an amount of hours built without sound, isolated from its shell, removed of obstruction, a crag cutoff by smackfest jab, the harbor cove’s undisciplined rejoinder crammed upswing the foot, where fever flivers on the moment you step out of that comfort shrill, all that morning jazz attached to you your innocent ears, a sponge—the walk of your everyday, a push—who was just now Shakespeare in a Bird cage, who paid me a visit, my kingdom come, I walk up your hill, up the village gold, the braiding pond from Harlem, who was just now waving Echo and Paris, who gave me fingers to flop on words immersion fluid seeks fowl, who takes a breath, take one—and let knock me visit, a shanty-rant up sense—here, I’m so tired, I’d sleep to dream up more words for you . . . dear neighbor, but I’d only have to wake up again—vitamin me slips a notch below reason, how I stayed avoiding the out, when I stepped out the out stepped in oh gloriousness sound machine oh invigourous explanatious oh sonora del contusida oh countess morn oh failing give oh tight reminder lightly spent envisioner gastric denumerator oh late newspaper of day of hour oh man . . . where to go with this ...


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