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I would like to thank the staff of The Hastings Center, as inspiration for this work came while I was a visiting scholar at the Center in the summer of 2009. I have benefited greatly from my association with the Center for many years. I would also like to thank the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education for a summer research grant that enabled me to work on this project. I am indebted to the conversations on potentiality that I have had with many of the contributors to this volume, my colleagues , and others, especially Allan Bäck, Daniel Callahan, Jason Eberl, David Hershenov, Joseph Jedwab, Bertha Alvarez Manninen, Mohan Matthen, Jennifer McKitrick, Alan Shewmon, and Tom Tomlinson. I thank them for their generous time, patience, and insights. I would also like to thank Laurel Delaney, secretary of the Philosophy Department at Kutztown University, for her help in assisting with obtaining materials and tireless proofreading, and two students, Crystal Williams and Jenn Dum, for their help with organizing materials and checking bibliographical references. Finally, I was fortunate to have a great editor in the person of Matt McAdam at Johns Hopkins University Press. I gratefully acknowledge permission from the following authors and publishers to reprint material from previously published work: Chapter 3. Joel Feinberg, “The Paradoxes of Potentiality,” Appendix from Joel Feinberg, “The Rights of Animals and Unborn Generations,” in William T. Blackstone , ed., Philosophy & Environmental Crisis, University of Georgia Press (1974): 67–68. Chapter 4. Edward Covey, “Physical Possibility and Potentiality in Ethics,” American Philosophical Quarterly 28:3 (1991): 237–44. Chapter 5. Edward Langerak, “Listening to the Middle,” Hastings Center Report 9:5 (1979): 24–28. Chapter 7. Agata Sagan and Peter Singer, “The Moral Status of Stem Cells,” Metaphilosophy 36:2–3 (2007): 265–84. Acknowledgments viii Acknowledgments Chapter 8. Jeff McMahan, “Potential,” in Jeff McMahan, The Ethics of Killing, Oxford University Press (2007): 302–29. Chapter 9. Margaret Olivia Little, “Abortion and the Margins of Personhood,” Rutgers Law Journal 39 (2008): 331–48. Chapter 10. Bertha Alvarez Manninen, “Revisiting the Argument from Potential ,” Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine 2:7 (2007), /content/2/1/7. Chapter 11. Don Marquis, “Are DCD Donors Dead?” Hastings Center Report 40:3 (2010): 24–31. Chapter 13. John P. Lizza, “The Ethical Relevance of Active versus Passive Potentiality ,” APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine 11:1 (2011): 22–28. www.apaonline .org/APAOnline/Publications/Newsletters/Past_Newsletters/Vol11/Vol_11.aspx. Potentiality This page intentionally left blank ...


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