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Foreword vii Strobe Talbott 1 The Tangled Web: The Poverty-Insecurity Nexus 1 Lael Brainard, Derek Chollet, and Vinca LaFleur 2 Poverty Breeds Insecurity 31 Susan E. Rice 3 Poverty and Violence: An Overview of Recent Research and Implications for Foreign Aid 50 Edward Miguel 4 Demography, Environment, and Civil Strife 60 Colin H. Kahl 5 Resource and Environmental Security 73 Anthony Nyong 6 The Demographics of Political Violence: Youth Bulges, Insecurity, and Conflict 90 Henrik Urdal 7 Embracing the Margins: Working with Youth amid War and Insecurity 101 Marc Sommers v Contents 00-1375-3 fm 3/30/07 1:25 PM Page v 8 The Role of Leadership in Overcoming Poverty and Achieving Security in Africa 119 Robert I. Rotberg 9 Operating in Insecure Environments 128 Jane Nelson 10 Breaking the Poverty-Insecurity Nexus: Is Democracy the Answer? 153 Jennifer L. Windsor Contributors 163 Index 167 vi Contents 00-1375-3 fm 3/30/07 1:25 PM Page vi ...