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A c k n o w l e d g m e n t s Many people who deserve thanks for their help and guidance on this book will have to remain nameless due to my intention to conceal, as much as possible, details about places and people. I hope they know who they are and realize how much I owe to their wisdom, kindness, and assistance. Most important are the women, families, physicians, and caregivers who let me into their homes and lives and allowed me to trail them during their stressful workdays. Also important were the friends, fictive kin, colleagues, and fellow scholars who guided me through this research, making introductions , giving advice, and facilitating connections. A deep aquifer of gratitude and love exists for the woman who, in these pages, I call Mrs. M., not only for her help, companionship, and inspiration, but for her adoring attention to Eve. Special thanks are due to the young man who took me on the back of his motorcycle to shrines every Thursday evening. In Delhi, gratitude is, as always, owed to Janet and Kanwarjit Chawla, Kachina Chawla and Pitamber Sahni, and the entire Chawla clan for their generosity , intelligence, and warmth. Many have read and/or commented on versions and parts of this manuscript on its way to completion. I am grateful for the insightful comments and thoughtful advice of Amahl Bishara, Lucinda Ramberg, Katherine Lemons, Sarah Willen, Byron Good, Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, Arthur Kleinman, Alistair Donald, Sadeq Rahimi, Chris Dole, Rich Jankowsky, Susanna Trnka, Lisa Wynn, Alexander Edmonds, Rachel Newcomb, Thomas Strong, Kirsten Scheid, Cristiana Giordano, Isabelle Clark-Decès, Alexander Keefe, and anonymous reviewers for several journals. A particular debt of gratitude is owed to Robert Desjarlais for midwifing many of these chapters, not to mention everything I wrote for my tenure application , and to to Susannah Heschel for her help and support on the hysteria work. I am grateful to Tufts University for providing me with a Junior 282 Acknowledgments Faculty Research Leave year in which to pursue this work, and to the Center for Humanities at Tufts for supporting my work in 2008–2009, when I drafted Chapter 1, ‘‘Rehabilitating Ammi.’’ Thanks are owed to those who invited me to give talks and presentations and provided thoughtful, critical audiences: Isabelle Clark-Decès, Craig Jeffrey, and Jane Dyson at Princeton University, Saiba Varma at Cornell University, Julia Kowalski at University of Chicago, Byron Good and Mary-Jo Delvecchio Good at Harvard University , Andrew Nicholson at SUNY Stony Brook, Sarah Lamb at Brandeis University, Sarah Willen and Don Seeman at Emory University, Susannah Heschel at Dartmouth College, Jason Danely at Rhode Island College, and Steven Parish at University of California, San Diego. For painstaking research assistance, I thank Douglas Pet and Tamara Turner. It would not have been possible to stitch fragmentary notes into stories, arguments, and ideas without my students, who continue to push me to think in new, sometimes frightening, and always exciting ways. At the University of Pennsylvania Press, I thank Peter Agree, Noreen O’Connor-Abel, and two anonymous reviewers for their guidance and truly remarkable observations and comments. Chapter 4, ‘‘Moskha and Mishappenings,’’ began life as an essay for an edited volume (‘‘Movement in Time: Choreographies of Confinement in an In-Patient Ward,’’ in Senses and Citizenship, ed. Susanna Trnka, Julie Park, and Christine Dureau [New York: Routledge, 2013]). At home, many have put up with the weeks and months of distraction, moodiness, and melancholia that come with writing a book of this sort. And many have, through their attentions and labors, provided invaluable hours for writing. Thanks to Team Eve: Marianna Papageorge, Gladys Helzberg, Mariah Gruner, and Alexis Daniels, and Team Thea: Anna Larson Williams and Emily Wyner. My parents, Mary and Bruce Pinto, as always, offered their time, care, labor, and pride to this project, and my sister, Kristina Pinto, shared her intelligence and unfailing wit. These words have been difficult to write, and they have made me a less than pleasant person at times. For this and so many other reasons, I am fortunate for and undeserving of the limitless love and confidence of Dennis Michaud, who helped me cross the wobbly bridge out of the state described here and who has shown me that love can be stable, sane, and inviolable. Likewise, infinite gratitude to my darling Eve for inspiration, companionship, laughter, trust, and love, and for putting up with my...


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