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ix Preface and Acknowledgments This volume had its origins in the conference “The Roads to Oxiana: The Writing of Travel at the Crossroads of Asia,” hosted by the Program on Central Asia at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in November 2010. The conference was in turn linked to a series of Program on Central Asia seminars and conferences addressing the intersection of mobility and literature. For both funding of and organizational assistance with the original conference, I am grateful to the UCLA International Institute and the UCLA Asia Institute. I would like to extend especial gratitude to my colleagues C. Cindy Fan and R. Bin Wong for generous support of Central Asian studies and to Nick Menzies and Elizabeth Leicester for superb organizational acumen. I would also like to thank Sebouh Aslanian, Ra’anan Boustan, Robert Buswell, Randal Johnson, Nancy Levine, Hannah Reiss, Rahim Shayegan, Monica L. Smith, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, and Ronald Vroon for their close involvement in various Program on Central Asia activities and to Ali Behdad for acting as panel chair at the “Roads to Oxiana” conference. I am also grateful to the several other scholars who wrote or presented papers in relation to the conference and book project: Roshan Abraham, Dhara Anjaria, David Chioni Moore, and Daniel J. Sheffield. In tracking down the travel texts and secondary literature consulted for the introduction , I am especially thankful for the opportunity to use the rare book holdings of the Forschungsstelle zur historischen Reisekultur (Research Hall on Historical Travel Culture) in Eutin, Germany. I have also relied greatly on the British Library and the Young Research Library at UCLA; my special thanks to Dr. David Hirsch, Librarian for Middle Eastern, Islamic, South Asian, Central Asian, and Jewish Studies at UCLA. I would also like to thank the American Institute for Afghanistan Studies for the award of the John F. Richards Fellowship (2011), which funded research in Kabul and Germany. For suggestions and advice on a variety of Central Asian matters, I offer thanks to Ingeborg Baldauf, Thomas Barfield, Jason BeDuhn, Alanna Cooper, William Dalrymple, Touraj Daryaee, Johan Elverskog, Frantz Grenet, Zsuzsanna Gulasci, Andrew Hale, Cheri Hunter, Ali F. Igmen, Nikki Keddie, Arash Khazeni, Karen Leonard , Claude Markovits, John Mock, Christine Noelle-Karimi, Elena Sadovskaya, Richard Salomon, John Schoeberlein, Martin Schwartz, Nicholas Sims-Williams, Ursula Sims-Williams, Jon Thompson, and Joel Walker. Final thanks to Rebecca Tolen at Indiana University Press for believing in the value of this project. The publishers gratefully acknowledge the following organizations for permission to print illustrations: Fidra Books for figure 5.2, and the Anahita Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, for figure 8.1. This page intentionally left blank WRITING TRAVEL in CENTRAL ASIAN HISTORY This page intentionally left blank ...


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