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Acknowledgments For a superb grounding in the discipline of folklore, I owe my thanks to Alan Dundes, Dan Melia, John Lindow, Jeannie Thomas, Barre Toelken, Steve Siporin, Randy Williams, Elliott Oring, Michael Owen Jones, Polly Stewert, Cathy Preston, Paul Smith, Peter Narváez, Jerry Pocius, Martin Lovelace, and Diane Goldstein. For their support, guidance, friendship, consideration, scholarship, and time, I would also like to thank Ian Brodie, Jodi McDavid, Andrea Kitta, Tok Thompson, Nelda Ault, Trevor Blank, John Alley, and Michael Spooner. Thanks are due to Matt Bradley for inspiring the title; his enthusiasm for folklore lives on. Special thanks also go to my parents, Mike and Lysbeth McNeill, and to my husband, Stephen VanGeem. I’m lucky to know and to have known so many incredible people. ...