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361 a c k n o w l e d g m e n t s I have written this book in steadily deteriorating health. The support of an army of friends has greatly lightened the consequences. I would try to name all the names, but I would fear to leave someone out. A generic and heartfelt thanks will have to do, except for a couple of especially supportive people, including Ken Bartlett, Massimo Firpo, Andy Kelly, and Diana Robin together with the members of my department who have chipped in everything from food supply to shoveling sidewalks, as well as several administrators at Augustana , especially Dean Pareena Lawrence and Laura Ford, Director of Human Resources. My wife Jan Popehn and daughter Molly Mayer-Popehn have been absolute rocks. Since the research for this book was done at the same time as that for Roman Inquisition I, I can save a little space by referring to its Acknowledgments and repeating my thanks to the people and institutions named there. I am very glad to be able to acknowledge the then anonymous readers for Penn, Chris Black and Andy Kelly, who gave me enormously helpful commentary, and also with uncommon generosity read the page proofs twice. One other person not named there made a major contribution to this book. Leen Spruit with mind-boggling generosity sent me advance copies of all the documents aboutTommaso Campanella he and Ugo Baldini found in the ACDFSO, only a few of which have now appeared in the sixteenth-century volume of Catholic Church and Modern Science. Anne Jacobson Schutte helped in a similar way by sending a Xerox of a rare pamphlet about Marcantonio De Dominis. I dedicate this book to the memory of my parents, Arline E. Knepper Mayer and Herbert T. Mayer. ...


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